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  • This plugin as it is presented, seems to be the perfect combination for Polylang, offering all the main features that it’s missing as a Translation Management System.

    But for some reason, I’ve found that they have lost all the interest in the community.

    At this moment, this plugin is only working with one of their solutions: Automatic translation.

    And it’s very far from being a useful TMS for Polylang.

    I hope they take a new course in the future, and they bring back the full-fledged functionality that makes this plugin worth to be installed

    1. TMS capabilities: The most important thing: Being able to edit the translation and download it in to WordPress

    2. More TMS capabilities: Also being able to detect changes and never, overwriting the manual edits that the users have introduced in the current translated pages

    3. One of the best features of Polylang that makes them outstand is the capability of fully integrating with Elementor page builder. At this moment Lingotek is far from this integration. I know it’s very complex, but considering that WPML is already offering this, I feel that Polylang is going to get stuck way behind, and Lingotek is going to be unuseful for a big amount of WordPress users.

    Currently, I’m forced to use a copy/paste TMS service just to keep it up with my translations. Maybe in the future, if the Lingotek team (and Polylang collaborators), help them to make this worthy I will recreate a new review.

    Meanwhile, stay away from this plugin (current Lingotek version 1.4.3, Polylang 2.6.3). Not worthy at all (except for some automatic translations as I commented in the beginning).

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