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  • I have emails from them saying there will be no more charges and they keep charging my account. There is no way to stop the charges and they keep charging. I don’t even have an account anymore and they are still charging. Once they get your credit card, they will charging. The only way is if I get a new credit card. Thanks for the hassle.

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    This is not related to the Free plugin at all.


    – you paid for a self-management plan! Did you go to in order to access your billing info?
    – did you click in the emails you receive from our store (there is a link to your subscription where you can cancel anytime.)
    – did you contact our MANY customer service channels about the issue and provided identification details so we can look into this for you?

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    Hi @florinmuresan,

    I was really pissed off that after downgrading my account to the free version from the paid version, I was still charged.

    I spent hours of my time with support. After many hours where the support person said that he didn’t have a record of my account – here’s the irony – because I downgraded it, there was no place for me to cancel, because I already deleted my account!

    He promised me…. these are his exact words….

    “you only have a trial, which after expiring you will be downgraded to the free plan, so there will be no charge.”

    I told him that if he can’t find my account and I’m still getting charged, then I’m going to be charged again.

    He did not reply.

    I got charged again.

    I have now told him, that’s 2 months now that I’m been charged after I downgraded my account. I’m a single Mom trying to put food on the table. This is not throw-away money! I can’t keep paying for this plugin that I do not want!! I bet there’s going to be another charge in March because no one wants to do anything about this.

    So here I spend, so many more hours and so much more money. When is this going to end? I cannot support your company when I don’t even want your service!

    So, yes, let’s keep on spending time on this! Please keep the questions coming! This is fun and I love giving your company money.

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    Please everyone! Do not get this plugin!!

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    I’ve been charged for 2 months after I cancelled my account.

    Are you going to refund me the 2 months?

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    Hi @dwiggie ,

    I appologize for this.

    The only cancel status in our e-payments platform is 2nd February 2022. Which is true. That’s the only time when the subscription has been cancelled.

    I will refund the two months, because Peter did promise you that the account will be downgraded.

    He didn’t mean any harm, nor foul, but his access to our systems is limited and didn’t have clearance to check outside the system. So, based on what he knew at the time he has presented the correct information to you.

    Which is why I appologize, personally.

    There was a bug in the cloud app of Squirrly SEO and your Billing History returns a blank screen. That’s why Peter couldn’t see anything else. He had no reason to believe there was any subscription and that’s why he wanted to know if you had other accounts.

    We will fix this through the that we are releasing this month. We’re in the final phases of testing. There, you have access to the subscription you paid and a link to the FastSpring payment system where you can see that the subscription is indeed cancelled.

    With this new platform, Peter and the others in our support team will be able to double-check each license, without having to rely solely on

    That way, anyone will be able to double check: both our team and our clients.

    It sounds like this was a very frustrating experience.

    With this new customer panel I want to avoid all such cases moving forward.

    We will make the refund (for Feb and Jan) today!

    Best regards,
    Florin Muresan
    CEO, Squirrly

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    Hi @florinmuresan,

    Thank you so much for clearing up this problem and refunding me the 2 months. It’s stressful to pay bills and I was frustrated when I felt like I wasn’t being listened to.

    I’m glad everything has been sorted out behind the scenes and that it looks like this will not be a problem for people moving forward.

    I appreciate your attention in this matter!

    Plugin Contributor SEO Plugin Expert Florin


    You are welcome!

    Thank you for your support. I appreciate the time you spent talking to us, as it really helped us understand our mistake and understand how we can be better in the future.

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