• Dave Hall


    This plugin is full of little popups begging you not to give it a bad review if it just happens to not be very good at what it’s supposed to do. Well sorry guys, but this is a terrible plugin. It’s a nice idea to scan media you’re using and media you’re not and delete the latter, but the problem is there are so many ways you can be using media that it’s just not sensitive to, and so it’s a hard to imaging a single site where it won’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, with disastrous effects, deleting lots of media that you’re using or linking to. For example, it deletes PDFs links via custom fields. It deletes images when they are the background of an element. Of course you need to backup before you use it – and it rightly warns you to do so – but you shouldn’t have to assume a plugin will destroy your site and be making plans for when it inevitably does. Backups are meant for emergencies. The work involved in fixing a site afterwards is intense.

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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    you shouldn’t have to assume a plugin will destroy your site and be making plans for when it inevitably does

    The plugin doesn’t remove files by itself. It scans your entire installation and proposes a list of files that weren’t detected in the content. You are the one who decided to delete all those files without checking the results.

    They beg you not to give a bad review

    I do love reviews, especially when they mention both pros and cons. However, I do not enjoy reviews written out of frustration. They are unhealthy (for you, for me, for the community) and don’t help in any way. I encourage you to look at other bad reviews; they are generally written by non-tech users who assume they know enough to skip the recommendations and warnings. I have tried to catch the attention of this type of user to avoid these issues, but they still ignore the guidelines and end up hurting themselves and then the developers.

    Luckily, there are many knowledgeable users in the community who use the plugin carefully, provide feedback when they encounter problems, and help make the plugin better over the years. A huge thanks to them!

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