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  • So I have a shared plan hosting with a dedicated power (1 virtual core an 2Gb RAM )

    On prestashop, my website need 10 second to load ( what the f*ck, it’s slow )
    So I decide to switch to wordpress + woocommerce.

    The wordpress + woocommerce version of my website need 3.5 second to load.
    Which is already pretty fast.

    Then I discovered WP Fastest Cache, I thought those guys where just bragging about being the fastest. But hey, since the trial version is free, let’s give it a shot.

    It immediately decreased my load time from 3.5 to 2.5 seconds uppon activation.

    So I wondered how those premium feature ( aka the more powerfull minify css, js and html feature ) would work.

    And since they offer a 30 day money back, I got myself the premium version of this plugin.
    And listen carefully :
    My website load in 1.6 second in average. WHAT. THE. HELL. THOSE. GUYS. DID. TO. MY. WEBSITE.

    My small shop, hosted on a el cheapos 120$ per year shared hosting, load in 1.6 sec, aka the same load time than those multi millions $ company’s website with ultra powerfull dedicated hosting.

    Also, I think having a cached version of my website help a lot about the max load my server can take.
    My website is bottlenecked by the crappy database access. Since the cache generate a static HTML files, I think the database bottleneck way less my website.

    If you guys out there read this message, can you confirm my theory?

    And also, thanks a lot for this uncredible plugin.

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  • Yes, this is the purpose of a cache. And 3.5s is not fast, it’s slow for a shop.

    2.5 starts to be acceptable, but 1.6s is really good.

    Can you tell me what plugins you use ?

    I am on a fast dedicated server and cannot be under 3s with WP FASTEST CACHE, but i only use the free version for now.


    Hello I use the premium version of WordPress Fastest Cache.

    Apparently enabling the more powerfull minify CSS and HTML make some awesome job.

    Look at this :!/Jfvq1/

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