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  • And even if it gets fixed, I recommend staying away from anything this author writes in the way of code…malicious once, malicious definitely will be again…no doubt. You can’t change a person’s character or integrity…it requires people to stand for something even when it’s again self best-interest…and if someone does something like this once, more than the incident itself, it is a revelation of that person’s character, so the chances are that very great that they will do it again, maybe not today, this week, or even this year…but they will. It’s what they value in the world…taking advantage of people. Proving they are smarter…vanity, greed, power; …or whatever the reason they have corrupt values, that’s in fact what they have. And if he comes up with an excuse, …you don’t write malicious code and get it accepted by WordPress on ‘accident’ .

    The article: [ link redacted, please do not post links in reviews ]

    (if the link doesn’t get removed)

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