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  1. sonofspider
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I liked this theme and purchased it from thethefly.com but I have failed to see it working, it also shows up an update available and when you try to update it say ;

    Updating Theme TheThe Marketing (1/1)
    Downloading update from http://update.thethefly.com/index-download.php?product=thethe-marketing&login=ruki.deen@gmail.com&pwd=ddb3d89ef0119400a7ebb675866be9b0…
    Unpacking the update…
    Installing the latest version…
    Removing the old version of the theme…
    Theme updated successfully.
    Disabling Maintenance mode…
    All updates have been completed.

    But when you go back to thethe marketing theme admin, it shows;

    Theme Version:1.0.0
    Latest Available:1.0.1 UPDATE (button to update again)

    Could it be why the theme is not working, or am I doing something wrong. I have tried everything and have failed. The same company issues a theme called "free fly 2011" which I installed and it works fine. All other themes work fine, except for this one and I have followed all documentation and help files. I don't know what to do, can someone please help me.

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