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  • I’ve been playing with WP 3.3.1 using one of the free templates for a web site and am enjoying it. I have other domains that have been sitting dormant that I’m thinking would be worth developing using WP as well. Specifically is first up.

    I do a lot with creativity including teaching techniques, helping people and companies develop their abilities and find solutions ot problems. I would like to feature my services and write articles as well to post on the site. I’m thinking that mixing some graphics with each story would make it interesting and visually appealing.

    I’ve been reading about Thesis and Genesis and their associated page templates that one buys (after buying the base from T or G). Looking for suggestions and comments from those with experience with those or other sources. I’m new at this and should be considered a novice for WP although over the years I have coded html (early days) and developed some normal web site content.

    Appreciate all input.

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  • Genesis and Thesis are both good frameworks with extensive documentation, resources and also good support.

    Thesis has a lot more inbuilt options for customizing the design than compared to Genesis, however DIYThemes don’t offer child themes themselves. So you need to look for other developers for Thesis skins if you need more detailed designs than what can be achieved from within the Thesis Framework itself. I would say working with Thesis to achieve a unique design has a steeper learning curve than Genesis.

    The Genesis Framework has fewer inbuild options but relies more on child themes for different designs. StudioPress create a lot of child themes themself and have a good range of different designs and also have a marketplace for child themes.

    Have a look and both themes, the child themes available for them and see which one has the options or the design that suits your needs.

    @opinions I wrote a full review of Thesis vs. Genesis on my blog. I have used both framework systems lately.

    It really boils down to whether you need an out of the box beautiful design (StudioPress) or if you can customize the minimalistic look of Thesis. You can get child themes (skins) for Thesis, but they would be from 3rd party developers meaning that they wouldn’t have the support that the StudioPress child themes have.

    Outside of the design aspect… Both have great SEO and coding. Both have good support forums. Both use a hooks system which takes a little getting used to.

    Pricing… if you’re a developer and want to use themes for client sites, the StudioPress Pro Package might be the way to go – the one time fee will get you lifetime access to new themes that you can use anywhere. With Thesis, you can buy the developer license for unlimited use on your own sites, but you still have to pay for additional client licenses.

    Genesis and thesis are two good themes… i’ve been contemplating to use one of them as well on my blog… this was a good find for me since im in the deciding mode to purchase a theme..

    One of the good reviews and good information i found over the web on thesis was this link. Although not my blog – i still take the liberty to share the link here:

    Thesis Theme

    This guy has written a good review of the thesis theme and uses the same for his blog as well..

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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