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  • I have a conditional function that displays content on certain pages, but not on others. It works on some of the sites I have that are using plain old fashioned templates. However, some of the sites are using Thesis and it’s not cooperating.

    Note: the IDs used are just examples, not the same on every site giving my this headache.
    “Display static front page” will be set to Page ID 16. OK, everything UNTIL the sidebar recognizes that the Page’s ID is 16. Then we get to the sidebar, and, suddenly, $post->ID is 63. ???

    So, I tried using get_queried_object() which worked pretty well on *some* of the Thesis based sites, but now I have one which returns null in the sidebar. The content works just fine, but the sidebar insists there is no queried object (although $post->ID is still 63).

    I should add that I don’t like Thesis and avoid working with it as much as possible, so I may just have a fundamental misunderstanding of how this templating framework works.

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