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  • Hrm , I dont have access to that theme, you might ask on their support forums and if they say something needs changed to accommodate their theme I’m happy to make the changes.

    I’m using the plugin on my blog with Thesis 2. I created a simple box for it to work. It’s working great the only problem is it won’t show WordPress comments.

    if you want to try the Box let me know.

    Hi Naeemnur

    I would really like to try the box. Do I just contact you via this forum or is there a better way.

    Sorry, I’m a newbie so don’t know the correct protocol.

    Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you.


    Thanks also to you for your reply Brandon. I’ll bear that offer of help in mind if I find out the answer or perhaps Naeemnur might post the solution as he seems to have resolved it.

    Here it is, working fine with the latest version: 1.4.11
    Download here

    I’m sorry I’m not following , so it _is_ working with 1.4.11 ?

    then why did you upload a zip for me?

    or did you make changes? if so what were the changes and why?

    have the changes been tested against anything other than just your website ?

    Yea that zip looks like its an extension custom to that theme, you should have it added to that project.

    Hey Brandon,

    it’s a Thesis ‘Box’ ( to make the plugin compatible with Thesis skins.

    I uploaded it for Julian.

    Hi Naeemnur, (and Brandon)

    Many thanks for enabling the download of your ‘Thesis’ box to make Google+ Comments for WordPress compatible with Thesis 2. I really appreciate that and I’d like to apologise to Brandon if there was a different process that should have been followed (adding to the project).

    I can only say I was really glad you did it this way as I wouldn’t have picked it up the other way.

    As you say, Naeemnur, I notice too that it doesn’t show the WordPress comments now. I would really appreciate it if either you or Brandon get a solution to this to post it on this forum. I want to make my site as easy as possible for people to add comments, so the ability for people to add via WordPress would definitely be an advantage.

    I really appreciate the work both of you have done to help me in this matter and keep up the good work both of you.

    You rock.


    @julian No need to apologize to me, you were right and there isn’t really another way for someone to “add code” to the project as the WordPress svn does not have a feature that would be equivalent to a github “pull request”. I’m going to rectify that ASAP by following the lead of some other plugins and maintaining the “source” on github and thats where development happens and then use WordPress’s SVN as release management only, since its mandatory svn be used if publishing to the WordPress Plugin Repository.

    Also note that I was not clear, and actually still a bit fuzzy because frankly I just dont have the time to learn another Theme Frameworks API at the moment and was not even aware prior to this about what a “box” for Thesis was. Now I’m happy to add any changes that arise from fixing bugs or features that someone took the time to code and submit ( both the case in this thread it looks like ) but at the moment I guess I’m at a loss a little bit as to exactly where this box.php code should live, e.g. in the plugin or in the theme or is it just something custom per site. Mind you I have NOT read the docs linked above because of the mentioned time issue ( not ever enough ) so I’m hoping that Naeemnur or yourself can tell me exactly what needs to be added to the plugin if anything , as well as links to the API as to why ( I think that’s covered already ) and then last a way to test it as I dont like making releases including code that I physically cannot test due to me not owning the theme, let alone any unit or functional testing that may come in down the road. Maybe there is a free developer copy license ? That would ease my mind about adding the code into the official plugin even though it is very little code and seems trivial, Ive seen lesser projects screw up much more and on a far larger scale, so really just trying to nip things in the bud now to save my sanity later. 🙂

    That being said very little of that will affect users of the plugin in any meaningful way, its mostly just semantics and developer collaboration that will be streamlined. So indirectly users get a benefit but they need not worry about the details.

    Now for the last point, what do you meam its not loading the WordPress comments, are we talking in this box.php or from the plugins/gplus-comments/templates/container.php you’ll see that the WordPress tab looks for the comments in first theme root dir as comments.php and then includes/comments.php … here is the relevant bit of code …

    Hi Naeemnur,

    Did you ever solve how to also include WordPress comments in Thesis 2 using Brandon Holt’s ‘Google+ comments for WordPress’? The Thesis ‘Box’ you kindly sent me enables me to have Facebook and Google+ comments but not WordPress comments (as you said at the time). See my site, if you’d like:

    I’d be interested to hear if you have, as I have recently installed WooCommerce and it appears to need the WordPress Comments facility to implement it’s ‘review’ of products facility.

    Love Brandon’s plugin, but considering having to go back to WordPress comments to enable this facility.

    Would welcome any advice from you (or indeed Brandon).

    Kind regards


    P.S. Notice that you viewed my LinkedIn account. Would welcome adding you to my network to see what you’re up to.

    Hi there…
    First sorry my bad english…
    I am a thesis user and I cant donwload the box that naeemnur upload…
    Can anyone help me????


    Actually the problem is in Thesis framework the “comments.php” is empty, that is why the comments are not loading.

    The best way to fix this is to send Brandon a copy of the theme, he’ll hopefully fix it.


    Here I’ve uploaded the box again:

    Thanks for this suggestion Naeemnur, I’ll ask Brandon if he’s up for it.

    Thanks for all your help.

    Kind regards


    Hi Brandon,

    You’ll see from the above reply from Naeemnur that he is suggesting that your ‘Google+ Comments for WordPress’ may not be working working because of a problem in the Thesis framework – the ‘comments.php’ is empty he’s saying.

    If I were to send you a copy of the theme, would you be prepared to have a look at it?

    This would be incredibly useful to me as you will see from the above comment from myself, that I need the WordPress comments element to enable people to add reviews to my soon to be installed WooCommerce shop.

    I really like your plugin, it has increased comments on our website from FB users so I don’t really want to have to remove it if it can be solved. Also want to increase our comments via Google+ so it’s very useful.

    That said, the ability to review products will be incredibly important so if you were able to help that would be greatly appreciated.

    Perhaps, in replying you could say if you need the whole theme or just the ‘comments.php’ file? Little unsure from what Naeemnur says what you would require.

    Thanks in advance and fingers crossed from my end!

    Kind regards


    Julian Illman

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