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  • I’m using Theron Lite theme and wondering if anyone has advice on a few bits of customization?

    I need to remove the left sidebar from all the pages of my site. Does anyone know how to code this out in the child theme?

    I also need to make the header appear on the front page of the site. I’ve set the front page to static in the theme options but the header still does not appear. Any suggestions for making this work?

    I’m really new to wordpress so appreciate any specifics, the site is

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  • When you said “header” I am assuming you are talking about the slider.

    To display the slider, Go to Settings> Reading and select “Your Latest posts” as your homepage.

    you mean disable right sidebar?There is a option for that In the Theron Options.


    Yes – sorry – slider is exactly what I meant. Thanks, it is displaying now.

    I disabled the right sidebar in the options, but there was a sidebar displaying on the left of every page, including the homepage.

    I took this out by deleting the right sidebar that was under Footer Widgets.

    But – that has moved up the footer on my homepage so there’s a big space underneath it.

    Any ideas about how to fix this?

    *sidebar under Footer Widgets

    just remove all the widgets from Appearance> Widgets

    Thanks. Did you mean drag all the available widgets down to inactive?

    I’ve deleted all widgets under Footer and Right Sidebar and refreshed my page, but the copyright info is still sitting right under the slider on the home page.

    the copyright space is made to stay that way. whats your site address?


    is there a way to edit? I just wanted the copyright to sit at the bottom of the page, but without the left sidebar

    Although its already in the bottom, if you want to increase the distance between the slider and the footer, Go to Appearance> Editor and select “stylesheet” from right and add this line to the very bottom:


    yes just wanted to increase distance betwen slider and copyright.

    I pasted the code into the child theme css I created but the distance hasn’t changed. Any ideas?

    I just checked your stylesheet and I dont see that line anywhere. make sure you added it..

    I added it to the child stylesheet, did you mean to add it to the parent stylesheet?

    yeah try that.

    ok but sorry i’m really new to this and the stylesheet is very long. where does the code need to go exactly?

    to the very bottom.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)
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