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  • MishWinters


    Just wondering if anyone else using Theron Lite theme is having trouble customizing colors or font sizes?

    My site is

    I want to change the size of a font I’ve imported from typekit. In doing this, I located the site title in the stylesheet as .logo h1 a.

    Assuming this is right as I used it as selector for a typekit font, I tried to add “font-size:30px;}” to the end of this code:

    .logo h1 a{ display:block;text-align:center; color:#fff; text-decoration:none;outline: none;}

    I also tried to make the font-size 30px in the line below .logo h1 a:

    .desc{ text-align:center; color:#fff; font-size:11px;}

    But – no luck with either.

    I tried the same principle to change the font size of the menu bar by replacing “font-size:18px;” with “font-size:30px;” in the following code in the CSS:

    #topmenu li a{ font-size:18px; color:#fff;}

    I’m also having trouble changing the colour of the menu bar, which I would like to change to black.

    I tried changing this code:
    #menu_wrap{width:1000px; float:left; background:#302f2f url(images/menu_wrap.png) repeat;}

    to this code:
    #menu_wrap{width: 1000px;float: left;background: black !important;}

    But – also no luck.

    I received advice that the code in the header.php may be overriding the stylesheet.

    Is anyone else using this theme having the same problems? I’m really new to wordpress so really appreciate your advice : )

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