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  • Just need a simple way to set the Title and Tagline colors. I guess I could edit the CSS if I knew for sure what to edit, but then I run into a Permissions problem.

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  • Yes, CSS is it – but make sure that you use a custom CSS plugin or a Child Theme so as to avoid making changes directly to theme files.



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    Try using Firefox with the Firebug add-on to locate the relevant CSS.

    But do not edit the Twenty Ten theme itself. First create a child theme for your changes or use a custom CSS plugin.

    OK, Playing with the sample Child Theme…..

    What is the Tagline called if I want to change that? Tagline or something else?

    If you use Firebug (click on that element and select Inspect Element)) – it shows you the code for that element — including the CSS which is what you would copy to your child theme and change the color there. If you post a link to your site, someone can likely give you more specific help.



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    It’s usually displayed using <?php bloginfo( 'description' );

    Just took it out of Maintenance Mode, so it should be visible.

    Never used FF, so I don’t have those options. I just do most of this in Notepad and upload the files.

    Looks like there are several CSS plugins to choose from. Recommendations?

    I’d like to adjust the Fonts a bit too for the Title and Tagline.

    >> Edit
    We can edit posts here? Can’t do that on the .com board.

    Don’t need to do anything with the posts or page bodies, just the headers.

    So do you have a custom CSS option set up?

    Yeah, I did one in Notepad and uploaded it. I can see the new Title font color in the theme preview from the Dashboard.

    Just need some guidance on the Tagline and font faces.

    I don’t know enough about CSS to write it, but if I can C&P and know what to edit, I’m OK.

    Also, I guess wouldn’t mind adjusting the Post body background color just a bit so it isn’t so stark white.

    What did you do in Notepad?? Where are you putting your changes?

    I just created the style.css file there, then uploaded to the themes directory.

    I can edit it locally now and re-upload or edit directly in the web host file manager.

    This is all I have so far.

    Theme Name: Twentyten Child
    Description: Child theme for the twentyten theme
    Author: Tarn
    Template: twentyten
    @import url("../twentyten/style.css");
    #site-title a {
        color: #1906b0;

    You don’t have a child theme active on your site. Perhaps you just need to switch to it — i.e. activate the child theme?

    (But it’s more than just adding a style.css file.)

    No, I was just trying it in Preview. It’s active now, but the only change is the Title color.



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    That’s the only change you’ve added to the child’s CSS. Try adding your other CSS changes now.

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