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  • While I used the basic template design for WordPress, I want to showcase the content more than anything else. My blog dives into the topic of girls, nice guys and why women tend to chase the ‘bad boys’.


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  • Interesting premise of using a Blog as a radio show. But the content is not my cup of tea.

    A little too high-school’ish for me. But it might just be that I’ve been out of high school for over a decade.


    Site setup is fine. Site looks fine. Not sure about the concept either. Who is your target audience? If you’ve discovered the secret of making women desire you, my question is why would you want to share it?

    The target audience is anyone who is interested in improving their dating life, and having success with women. The point is I was a frustrated guy not understanding how women work, what they respond to etc. Asking me why I would want to share this information is asking why is wordpress free.

    What it comes down to is that you don’t have to be a model, a rock star, or a football player to date attractive women. And in future posts I’m going to get into the concepts of why that is. Why share it? Why not? I think there’s alot of guys out there that would like more success with women, and my goal is to help them through my show. If you don’t want help in this area or don’t need it… then certainly that is who I’m not targeting.

    Just be carefull you don’t plagiarize DeAngelo.

    Dating & mating adivce is always welcomed – every newspaper and talk show has it’s romance section.

    So there is an audience for your blog.

    But I just wonder if a blog is the right form – since people hardly ever dig down on older stuff. Maybe it should be more like a portal or a wiki with specialized sections / essays?

    Plus you need more visuals … loads of them … and I don’t mean naked pixels … inspiring ones would be better. Illustrate your ideas …

    In response to ‘dissurion’… I took this into account when doing my first show. I don’t want to recreate what David D has done, but expand on what he has done, incorporating my own ideas. It’s also why I plugged his site and didn’t get into ‘cocky funny and wussiness too much’. Although I do appreciate the reminder, as I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.

    In response to ‘orangeguru’…

    Can you expand on this a bit more:
    “But I just wonder if a blog is the right form – since people hardly ever dig down on older stuff. Maybe it should be more like a portal or a wiki with specialized sections / essays?” ????

    As far as visuals… I like the suggestion!

    Did you ad it to thundercat’s site yourself? Do you frequent mASF?

    I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with Thundercat, he kindly threw up a link in his posts. I plan to get his book and do a review soon. I don’t visit mASF too often there seems to be more info than I can keep up with.

    As far as content goes, I think generalizing women is pretty lame. There is no such a thing as “that’s the way women work.” Every woman (notice I write woman, not girl) is different as every man is different.

    Yes, I agree that there is a large number of women that tend to be drawn to men that treat them like crap but then again, you can’t generalize.

    As far as the format, I don’t know why you call it a radio show. It is not being broadcast over the radio, so it is not a radio show. Maybe webcast would would be a more appropriate term although that would also not be accurate because your content is not being broadcast in any way, it’s a downloadable audio file.

    And lastly, I know you’re not looking to get opinions about the visual aspect of your blog, but I do have to say that I’m sick of running into Kubrick clones with no personality.

    I appreciate the comments. You point out that a ‘large numbers of women are drawn to men that treat them like crap…’ but then in the same breath you say I can’t generalize. The point is I can do whatever I want (just as you can write whatever you want on your blog), and to me it’s obvious that you didn’t listen to any of the mp3’s otherwise you would learn that I’m not generalizing in the grand scheme of things.

    My only suggestion is rather than nitpicking terms like girls vs. women or radio show vs. webcast vs. podcast… if you’re interesting in learning my views, then listen to the mp3’s. If however you have success with women, dating etc., or don’t care about learning about anything of these things then that’s fine as well.

    I do agree however that the kubrick style is probably on more blogs than anyone can count, but I believe content is more important than visualization… especially since most will be reading the RSS feed and downloading the enclosure.

    Saying that a large number of anything and generalizing (i.e. ALL) are two very different things.

    I’m not interested in learning your views. You wanted an opinion, I went and clicked on your site and gave you my opinion.

    You seem to take offense to it, which is fine; you asked for opinoins as far as the content goes which is why I’m telling you that my opinion is that it’s lame. Sorry.

    I understand that you are concerned with the content and not the design … but the lack of a unique design communicates to me that the site isn’t that important to the site owner.

    I’m not saying that not having a unique design means that you don’t like your own site, but that a visitor who hasn’t read this WordPress support thread could get that idea.

    You: “I do believe content is more important than visualization…”

    Me: Packaging is as important as content. Trust me. If you hide diamonds inside logs of dog feces, how many people do you think are going to discover the diamonds?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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