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  • a couple of days ago I installed the “GWA Autoresponder” ( plugin on my WP blog. I have an issue with the title of the most recent blog post appearing on the post-subscription landing page.

    It seemed to be working well the first couple of times I tested the plugin.

    I am running the “fresh news” by woo themes, and I have the most recent update installed. My site is at

    Then I noticed something rather strange: the title of my latest post, which at the time was a farewell to a friend who just died, showed up on the post-subscription landing page!.

    After trying the obvious
    – changing page templates (though NOT attributes as this page is a “no parent” page,
    switching post categories and tags,
    trading post titles,
    uninstalling the plugin, clearing the cache, closing out of my browser then returning and reinstalling and retrying,

    and finally, writing a new post…

    I determined that it was not my friend’s ghost returning (which i considered would be only a temporary issue) but an issue that the title from whatever is the most recent post appears above my “welcome” message – instead of the page title.

    All my other page titles appear as they should, but somehow the post title and page title get confused for the AR form.

    I am also submitting a support ticket to the authorship of the auto-responder; experience tells me that if i can’t fix it myself I have to cover all the other bases too.

    I can’ think of anything else to say about it. any questions just ask. If the forum allows for image uploads I will add those but this is my first post ever so i haven’t checked to see if I can upload a photo.

    my skype handle is “hoofstep.” while i am home I will have skype in case someone would want to communicate in real time about it (i can only hope!!). If you don’t reach me leave a message.

    Thanks if anyone can find the source. Sincerely,

    Liz Lundberg

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