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  • This looks like a very nice app.
    I am setting up for the first time and receive the following message
    “There was a problem with Google Oauth2 authentication process.”

    Do you have any more detail like instructions and URL on how to obtain the access code?

    I found a google site and obtained an API key but not sure if Access code = API and if it does if I set it up correctly.

    Please let me know

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  • Hi Brandon, I get the same issue, I have sent in an email to the support address with details for a screenshare if you are available.


    I also have this issue! Contacted the support via the site about 1O hours ago. Didn’t hear anything yet 🙁

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    hi @stijnmartens thanks for contacting us, we replied to you this morning, please let us know if you didn’t receive the emails.

    @wibbs74 David we replied to your email as well so please let us know.

    If you have any questions please visit the support portal or email us directly “support @”

    I didn’t get any reply.
    Can you maybe resend it to my gmail address? I just sent you that request by email.


    I’m having the exact same problem as well.
    I click the button to start the process, I sign in with me Google account, I copy the code, enter it and then save. After a little while I get

    There was a problem with Google Oauth2 authentication process.



    How can I raise this with the developers?

    Kind regards,

    Hello, I just fixed my issue,

    After debugging parts of your plugin I noticed that it was breaking in this line:

    public function call( $callback, $args = null ) {
    try {
    return $this->call_api_method( $callback, $args );

    So after checking the exception it was clear what was the problem:

    cURL functions are not available

    So, after executing

    sudo apt-get install php-curl

    the plugin started to work.

    sorry if this has been documented somewhere and I missed, but there you go, now it’s working!


    I was able to confirm that php cURL support was not active on our server, and installing it fixed the problem. Thank you crosstantine!

    Hi all,

    Thank you so much for reaching out about this issue.
    We have implemented a new fix for the authentication issue and a better way to send debug information to the developer team in the latest version.

    Feel free to download and install our latest beta update here:

    Once installed, if you can confirm that the authentication issue is fix that would be amazing! If the fix does not work please click on our new “Send Debugging Info” tab which will email us support details that will allow us to replicate the issue easier on our end.
    Here is a screenshot of where the button is located :

    We like to offer our gratitude for everyone that has helped us over the weeks in reporting on these issues. Most importantly thank you for your patience and we hope to continue to provide an amazing Google Analytics plugin to our users!

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    Hi all,
    I’m on IIS with curl enabled but I get the same error:

    There was a problem with Google Oauth2 authentication process.

    Can you help?

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