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[Resolved] There was a problem saving your vote, please try again in a few moments.

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  • Plugin Author shauno


    If you look in the backend, did the vote actually save? Sometimes that happens if there is other javascript on the page that is broken.

    Can you give me a url to look at, maybe I can see what’s happening.

    Thanks! Sure, right now it is in a sandbox so I keep creating new ones to test.

    Couple of things I figured out: It looks like the voting that uses thumbs or stars is not working and the votes don’t get counted.

    http://inkitdigital.us/photo-test/people-and-pets/ – STARS
    http://inkitdigital.us/photo-test/people-and-pets4/ – THUMBS
    http://inkitdigital.us/photo-test/people-and-pets-3/ – RATING

    All of these are empty pages, so I don’t think it is JS on the page, unless it is the way I am creating the pages using the manage gallery? the rating works with the drop down (it counts and does not error) so I guess I am looking for help in what is different in the thumb and star method that might cause this?

    Plugin Author shauno


    Dude, that site almost crashed my browser there are so many JS errors! They come thick and fast, literally thousands of the following error within seconds:
    ReferenceError: FadeIn_bFadeOutt is not defined

    A quick Google indicates that is probably from the ‘WP fade in text news’ plugin. Disable it and try again, chances are the voting will then work fine. You will need to contact the author of ‘WP fade in text news’ for them to fix the JS error.

    Man, Sorry to even bother you. Yes, that was it. That is the problem with a sandbox and working with others. I don’t think they configured that plugin correctly and they just left it active? Anyway I moved over to the real site and only loaded your plugin and it works fine. Sorry again to bother you at least if we see it again we will look for a JS error.

    Plugin Author shauno


    No stress, that’s what the support forum is for. Glad it’s sorted 🙂

    I’m still struggling any chance you could have a look at mine. I’m hoping its not a js issue My site

    Plugin Author shauno


    Hi Oliver
    Have you updated to the latest version? If you have, make sure to de-activate, and then re-activate the plugin to update the database structure.

    Let me know if that helps

    It work briefly and now the lightbox has stopped working and the images opens in a new page :S am I being really stupid here

    Okay I started from fresh and it seems to be working for the time being thanks for your help

    Plugin Author shauno


    Your site works fine for me 🙂 Maybe you just need a hard refresh to make sure nothing dodgy is cached your side.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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