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    i have a Problem with this Plugin. The rating doenst work…No work would be save and i got a Error like this: “There was a problem saving your vote, please try again in a few moments.”

    I had found the position of this error on the code:

    if(isset($_GET['ajaxify']) && $_GET['ajaxify']) {
    					$out .= 'nggv_js.voting_form = "'.addslashes($form['form']).'";';
    					$out .= '<div class="nggv_container">';
    						$out .= '<input type="hidden" id="ngg-genric-err-msg" value="'.esc_attr(nggVoting::msg('There was a problem saving your vote, please try again in a few moments.')).'" />';
    						$out .= $form['scripts'];

    After voting i got the right request i think:

    [08:11:59.548] GET http://…/voting.html?pid=5&r=100&ajaxify=1 [HTTP/1.1 200 OK 811ms]

    How can i fix that? I hope you can help me.

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  • Plugin Author shauno


    Hi jag_DanJu
    Is there an example link I can see? That normally happens when there is a funky character in the response that the plugin’s javascript can’t parse correctly.

    I have purchase this plugin but my users are many problems with vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Voting don’t upgrade!
    Money back pls!

    Plugin Author shauno


    Hi unicawebagency
    I replied to your previous threads to try get some more info to help, but you didn’t seem to continue the conversation?

    I have literally thousands of happy users, I would love for you to be another of those. Please feel free to send me an email to shaunalberts AT gmail DOT com, and I will do my best to get whatever issues you are having sorted as quickly as possible.

    Hi Shauno,

    I have the same issue than jag_DanJu and it appeared with version 2.2.
    You can check it here.

    Thank you in advance.

    Plugin Author shauno


    I seem to need to be registered to vote. Please open up voting and I will have a look and see if I can help.

    Hi Shauno,

    It seems to be working now again. I didn’t any change so I suspect that it could be a db connectivity issue.

    Thanks for your support.

    Hi Shauno,

    I finally discovered that the issue only occurs when the image is can only be voted by registered users. If votes are allowed to everybody it works well. Could it be related with the user level or capabilities? (currently if I try to vote with admin user it doesn’t work too).


    Plugin Author shauno


    Hi Bruxo
    I have just checked with the ‘Only allow logged in users’ option set on one of my test installs, and everything seemed to be working fine.
    Can you create a user for me to test with on your site, and email the login details to shaunalberts AT gmail DOT com.


    Thank you!

    Plugin Author shauno


    Just a note to anyone who sees this thread and is having a similar problem:
    The issue was that the shortcode [nggtags] has a bug that conflicts with the voting plugin’s URL parameters. You can work around the bug by adding the voting tag (<?php echo nggv_imageVoteForm($image->pid); ?>) to the nextgen-gallery/view/imagebrowser.php template.

    Hope that helps!

    Thank you again for your help, it was a tricky issue but we did it!

    I likely discovered a bug that might prevent votes to be saved, because the db table “wp_nggv_votes” wasn’t created at plugin activation. If you’re having the same issue, do check if the table exists.

    In my case the table was not created because the field “criteria_id” was defined twice in “CREATE TABLE …” syntax.

    plugin version: 2.3
    file: ngg-voting.php
    function: dbUpgrade
    rows: #144 and #150

    After manually running the CREATE TABLE below, the table was successfully created and voting started to work.

    CREATE TABLE wp_nggv_votes (
      gid BIGINT NOT NULL,
      pid BIGINT NOT NULL,
      criteria_id BIGINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
      vote INT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
      user_id BIGINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
      ip VARCHAR(32) NULL,
      proxy VARCHAR(32) NULL,
      dateadded DATETIME NOT NULL DEFAULT "0000-00-00 00:00:00",
      UNIQUE KEY id (id)
    Plugin Author shauno


    Oops, good find besso! I have released 2.3.1 which should fix the issue. Thanks for the detailed report 🙂

    I added voting tag but it doesn’t correct the issue

    Hi Shauno,

    I appreciate the support you provide and I have tried to add the tags into the NG .php files. However I can’t get the voting to work.

    I am not a coder and I am trying to support our community website:

    I would appreciate if you could have a look and indicate if you see where the problem is.



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