• I’ve been using wordpress for 10 years and experience with 100s of plugins and working with support – single devs, small agencies and full-on companies.

    I don’t hesitate for 1 second to say that Edward’s level of support is second to NONE.

    I run a multisite network with 60+ subsites, so bought the premium addon back and it has been worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. It’s so comprehensive in in what it supports, I have yet to run into anything that wasn’t supported (or support not added almost immediately when requested), and I have far from a “standard” set up.

    I’ve been using this for 6 months now and I’m still blown away every time I use it or contact Edward and how quickly he gets back, remembers, cares, etc – I kid you not he’s really in a league of his own over here.

    If you’re contemplating this plugin – for one, there’s legitimately no competitor. Nothing out there does what this does. Secondly, you can proceed with 100% confidence in your purchase.

    This plugin is unreal and so is it’s developer.

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