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    I get some additional information, in table format at the bottom of the page where I enter the shortcode for the plugin. I can’t find configuration controls for disabling these new stuff that I don’t want.

    I can’t explain it in words, but take a look at this page and see that information AFTER Share this icons.

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  • Plugin Author Donal


    Hi guppydas.

    I can’t access the page you’ve linked to so I can’t take a look at it for you, but I can tell you that the sitemap plugin doesn’t add any data in table format so it must be coming from somewhere else. Can you post a sample of the output you’re getting here?

    Plugin Author Donal


    Okay, the page has loaded so I’ve been able to take a look at it. I think you have two different sitemap plugins installed – or possibly your theme has a built-in sitemap capability of its own. It seems that the [sitemap] shortcode is activating both.

    You can either disable the other sitemap plugin, or if it’s part of your theme you can change the shortcode for this one.

    To change the shortcode open the file named atlas-html-sitemap-generator.php in the plugin folder. Line 63 reads:

    add_shortcode( 'sitemap', 'dmac_html_sitemap' );

    You can change the 'sitemap' bit to anything you like, e.g. 'my-sitemap'. Use the new shortcode and that should solve the problem.

    Hi Donal,

    Thank you for prompt response. I did think about it myself. I have already changed that before posting for a help request. However, I will try it once again as the new name isn’t particularly unique. I will give it something different and get back to you.

    BTW, it is very neat plugin.

    Hi Donal,

    I fixed the issue. You were right. It was a feature of the Theme I use. Interesting enough was the way this feature got automatically enabled. There is no control in the settings for it. I used the word Sitemap for the page and it automatically added the site map. There is no mention of it in the manual either. So it was not your plugin or any other plugin, it was the theme that was triggering the second sitemap.

    Thank you for your prompt reply and insight into what could be the problem.

    Plugin Author Donal


    Great to hear you got it fixed 🙂

    That’s a very peculiar way for a theme to work. You might want to suggest to the theme author that they provide a sitemap template instead – at least it would give their users more control.

    Even though it wasn’t the issue here, I suspect my own [sitemap] shortcode is probably too generic. I’ll have to look at changing it to something more specific in a future release to avoid any potential clashes with theme shortcodes.

    Glad you like the plugin 🙂

    All the best,


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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