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  • I am tired of Dreamhost with almost no customer service. My site has been down on and off for some days now.
    Well, So I find a new host, inmotion and I start the move.
    First the Database then the files. After copying the files I should do some changes on the wp_config.php file. But there is non. I only find a wp_config_sample.php file
    How can my site run without it?
    Thanks for any help.

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  • Some reference material for wp-config : Editing wp-config.php

    But how come I don’t have that file? The site is running without it?

    Did you even bother to look at the instructions I pointed you to? From the first paragraph:

    “As part of the WordPress installation, you must modify the wp-config.php file to define the WordPress configuration settings required to access your MySQL database.

    This file, wp-config.php, does not exist in a downloaded copy of WordPress; you need to create it. The wp-config-sample.php file is provided as an example to work from. Save it as wp-config.php before editing. Advanced settings and examples are provided below. “


    Well, since I am not installing the site new, it has been running for two years, I don’t thought I have to look into how to install wordpress. Sorry to have insulted you.

    No need to be sorry. I took no insult. You’re simply assuming I already know facts that you haven’t mentioned.

    You moved hosts. You also stated you uploaded files to your new host. One would automatically assume it was a fresh version of WordPress, and you probably simply imported your old database and /wp-content directory.

    The presence of a wp-config-sample.php file suggests a new installation.

    If you have been running WordPress for the past two years, you have a wp-config.php file somewhere. If you can’t find it, just create the new one on your new host. The database credentials aren’t likely to be the same anyhow. Edit an old one or create a new one. Either one should work just fine.

    you will only get wp_config_sample.php with WordPress. what you need to do is create wp-config.php yourself in the WordPress folder and copy the contents of wp_config_sample.php into wp-config.php. then give your database details in wp-config.php.

    I found the file, it had a wrong password and that is why the site has been down yesterday. I changed the settings, moved it back into the folder, and the site is up and running again.
    I don’t know why Dreamhost is moving my site to another server, changes stuff and does not check if the site is still running.

    Only because of WordPress and people like YOU I can handle to do a website on my own.
    I really appreciate it. THANKS.

    Hi, horsebutte. I’m really sorry that happened to you 🙁

    We had to move servers due to some hardware issues in recent days, and we can certainly do better when it comes to verifying the sites are both available (i.e. DNS resolves) and up (i.e. shows what they should show).

    While I’m sorry you felt you had to switch hosts, I’m glad you got your site up and running. If there’s anything at all we can do for you at DreamHost, don’t hesitate to contact us, even if it’s help with moving away or closing your account.

    If you’re still on DreamHost and the wp-config has a problem where it vanishes, we can even help you rebuild it from scratch, showing you where to get all the passwords and SQL information. As long as that DB is saved, you’ll always have your data 🙂

    Well, that is something. A Dreamhost Person.
    Those so called tickets are NO GOOD. I am still on Dreamhost as of right now. The move to another host did not go well, yet. So I am still on a very slow admin panel at dreamhost. But maybe you can explain why it is so very slow to work on my site. This can’t be for real. I could go and do my nails between saves… Any suggestions?

    I’m the DreamHost WP person 🙂 I try to keep tabs on everything DreamHosty in the forums here. I know our ticket system isn’t perfect, I’m still mastering it myself so I have no problem understanding if you find it annoying.

    Is it just your admin panel that’s slow? The rest of the site renders just fine?

    The website could be faster. I do use the W3 Total Cache and set that up, so the website is faster now. But the Admin panel is really driving me crazy. Dreamhost VPS server does not seem to be a solution I am reading from other people. So what other option is there? What could be the problem? I have never read anything about this.

    The first things that come to mind is that either the VPS isn’t configured properly (always a possibility), you have a ‘noisy neighbor’, the database is having issues, or there’s a rogue plugin.

    If you want to share your URL, I can take a look and see if anything jumps out at me. Or if you want to give me your ticket number, I can get your URL that way 🙂

    Thanks, horsebutte.

    I don’t think it’s you, now that I’m looking at that server. I’m going to find someone who can take a better look at it, but this is totally not on you.

    One thing you can do to speed things up is switch from PHP 5.2.x to 5.3.x (fast CGI). It’ll buy you a little speed increase.

    I have to go and figure out where I would do that. Is that on Dreamhost, or on WordPress? sorry, I am not very experienced.

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