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  • There is No way to Keep the Existing Date!

    It requires you to choose a new date, or it will default to the current date.
    That means links would break, and it’s too difficult to keep files where they are, or choose where to put them. Unless you want to individually select each file, look up it’s original location, then manually time in the previous date (it will probably use the current time).

    Also Checkmarks don’t act as expected. If you mark a parent folder, then unmark some files in a subfolder, the top level folder remains checkmarked. So if you close the drop down, there is no way of knowing if everything below it is Actually marked, or only some (as expected). The same occurs if you don’t have the parent checkmarked. You could mark Everything inside it, but the parent will remain unmarked.
    checkmark means EVERYTHING below it is ALSO marked.
    Uncheckmark means NOTHING below it is marked either.
    DASH means SOME items below it are marked, and other items are unmarked.

    So, there is confusion about several kinds of things in the app.

    My testing fell short, so I cannot attest how well the Import function works, and it it behaves AS EXPECTED.

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