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    I know there is a choice to either allow sellers to automatically post their items or send items to an admin for review every time a seller saves an item. As a result, sellers save their items many times in a row and the admin has a lot of work to do to check each request.
    Please change the way items are saved by adding a “draft” status.
    Have sellers save their items as many times as they need to, and when they are ready have them send their request to the administrator for review.

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    Hello @cousinr

    Thank you for reaching us.

    As you have mentioned about the Edited Product Status feature I would like to help you however, that feature is not available on the free version of the Dokan plugin. We are unable to discuss any features that are not available in the free version of any product as per WordPress public forum regulations. I believe you can understand.

    Kindly contact us from here for more information.

    Best Regards!

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    Hi @shafinahmad01
    I sent a ticket to Dokan PRO support.

    Plugin Support Tasfia Mohtasim


    Hello @cousinr

    Thanks for the update.

    You will get the response on the ticket soon. Thanks for your patience.


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