• If you use this plug-in check your database. I bet you it is HUGE. We have used this on several websites and every single one has a HUGE DATABASE. Mind you, we had a 300MB database on a 10 page website using this plugin. That is insane!

    You will find that Visual Composer is the culprit when you check your wp_postmeta table in your database and see VC all over the place. This plugin completely overloads it. The only way we have been able to deal with this is to buy a database cleaner and utilize it regularly.

    Also, here is a list of everything you will need to write custom CSS for if you use the visual builder:

    * Images you insert (not in a background) if you want a different size or you want to use a different one for mobile that you edited to look better you’ll be writing code.

    * Text sizing, line height and spacing, text justification (anything in the WYSIWYG editor) Stays the same on all devices unless you write code or set sizing in your theme options.

    * Cover Images always look like they have been magnified, especially when you are using parallax features

    * Minimum and max height for rows and/or sections are not options in the visual editor, you’ll be writing code.

    * Background image, you cannot choose min/max size. You have to use padding or coding.

    Other hiccups that I didn’t like-

    * What you see isn’t what you get for the devices. You will have to check everything.

    * After a period of time, a page would reflect the update that you just made but when you left the backend and went back to it later, the old version of the page (before you made changes) would be there. The page would still reflect the updates, but it would look like the old version on the backend. Contacted support, and they could not solve the issue.

    * Sometimes there are random areas where a background will have a slight overlay on it. The only way I found to get rid of that was to “write code”

    There have been a lot of other things that have popped up, but I don’t have the time to write everything out.

    Overall I think it’s a GOOD IDEA but badly IMPLEMENTED. Definitely A LOT of work to overcome how bad this editor can be.

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  • Plugin Support Rohan Khandeparkar


    Thanks for checking the plugin. The plugin store it’s content within WordPress posts table and the database size is directly proportional to the number of posts or pages and the amount of content in each.
    – The images auto-adjust depending upon available area on different screen sizes. However, if you want to add a different sized image on a particular screen you can use design options to hide the element to display another in that place.
    – We plan on enhancing the text styles based on different devices and this will be available soon.
    – The amount image stretching depends upon the overall image size and the amount of content within a row or column for it’s height.
    – The row and section have fluid heights to accommodate any type of content and stretch them on various devices which depends upon the amount of content present in them.
    – The background size depends upon the size of element, to which it is added. This is done to ensure that there are no blank areas left when specifying the size manually. The visible area of background can be adjusted depending on background positioning.

    Thread Starter jcheramy2020


    In regards to the database, I would have to disagree. We had out developer look at this. The database for a 10 page website is 300MB. That is super large. All of the bloating was coming from the wp_postmeta table and was from Visual Composer. The only way we have been able to deal with this is to use a database cleaner which does slim it back down. It is your plugin. I will give you some directions to replicate what caused such massive bloating on our end.

    1.) Install Visual Composer
    2.) Enable all pro features
    3.) Go to the Visual Composer Hub
    4.) Download blocks, templates and other items.

    You will find that is when the database starts getting massively bloated. Even when you REMOVE the global templates from the backend, it does not help anything at all. I believe that is where the biggest issues are is when people download templates.

    In a 10 page site, we found roughly 750 entries in the table with keys “vcv-globalElementsCssData” and “vcv-pageContent” which are apparently built out by VC. That part we didn’t understand is that each one contains close to 600,000 characters, which is completely huge. That ends up bogging things down quite a bit.

    As we pulled things apart, we found that individual entries create a huge HTML file and stores it as a string. You could retain code in an html file and access that as a URL instead.

    Again, I think there is work that needs to be done on this plugin. In regards to bloating the database, it DOES DO THAT. We’ve replicated this on several websites. Even SMALL ones that are only a few pages. The moment you start downloading things from the HUB is when that begins. The ONLY way to clean things out is to use a Database Cleaner.

    Thread Starter jcheramy2020


    Just found another bug in this plugin.

    All of the sudden I lost the images to my backgrounds and images in RANDOM areas. This is now costing our firm money on this site because we aren’t going to charge our client for a bad plugin.

    I now have to go through the entire site and reconnect these images. They just look like broken images, and the background on some pages are gone. I really feel like Visual Composer needs to get it together and work on these issues once and for all. Making excuses doesn’t solve problems. Taking the feedback you get and working on them does.

    Plugin Support Michael


    We are definitely after that. We will be glad to look into that in your environment, you can securely share your details in our support system (note it is not allowed to share here on .org forums).

    Thread Starter jcheramy2020


    I can’t really share anything because I had to reconnect all of the images before our client noticed. We are a creative firm and purchased the developer version for $300 as we thought this was going to be great. we’d really like to return this and just pay the fee for the two sites this will be used on. We did not get what we paid for and while I understand that we went beyond the two weeks to take it back, the level of issues we have had HAS cost our firm money. More than what we paid for the development version of this plug-in. Whom can I get in touch with to discuss that?

    Plugin Support Michael


    Please open a ticket with us in my.visualcomposer.com and refer to this thread. We will be able to help you.

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