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  • I am not sure what I’m doing wrong. I”m completely new to all this.

    I don’t know where I can find the info to populate the database name/user/password and host. I am trying to set this up on my computer in order to learn so that I can start to manage a site that I will be managing for a friend. SO basically a learning environment.

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  • Hi,
    Welcome to WordPress Community.

    wp-config.php file is automatically generated by WordPress during installation according to our file permission. If you need a sample wp-config.php file, it is available in your downloaded folder with the name of wp-config-sample.php.

    Just make a new PHP file named as wp-config.php & use it. Otherwise rename that wp-config-sample.php as wp-config.php & edit its details.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Vingoe – are you using Windows/Mac? Are you using Xampp or MAMP?

    Your downloaded WordPress files have a file called wp-config-sample.php. WordPress needs the wp-config.php file. What you can do is copy wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php or rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php as previously suggested.

    Once you have the wp-config.php file open it using your text editor and provide the required values for the database, username, and password.

    For security purposes I suggest you also change the default prefix for the different tables that will be created by the installation script.

    I understand that wp needs a wp-config.pho file, and that is what I am trying to create by clicking on “Create a Configuration File” however, my question is where do I find the info to edit into the file? Where do I find

    1. Database name
    2. Database username
    3. Database password
    4. Database host

    I have downloaded word press to use on my macbook pro to learn it. I”m trying to use this as a training environment without actually publishing anything on the internet with this one.

    So I’ll just let you guys know what I’ve done so far.

    In my htdocs I moved the wordpress folder into there and I renamed it Vingoe

    I had installed MAMP and it did not automatically create the wp-config.php file. So what I did was I downloaded wrangler and made a copy of the wp-config.sample.php and renamed it wp-config.php.

    I opened the file and in the

    Database I put Vingoe
    user I put root
    password I put root
    and host I put local

    I have not created any passwords or users and the only passwords that I’m aware of at the moment are the default passwords that are in the sql server that show root and root as both user and password.

    When I try to open wordpress by typing local in my browser it say’s
    Error establishing a database connection

    I’m clearly doing something wrong and since I’m not really sure what I”m doing, I figured I might as well tell you guys what I’ve done so far to see if you might be able to make sense of what I’m trying to figure out. 🙂

    Anyway thanks for the posts and I look forward to learning what I’m doing wrong to fix it.

    Sarathlal thanks for the welcome btw. 🙂

    I”M using MAMP btw

    You have to create a new, empty database first using phpMyAdmin, which is available either from the Tools menu on the MAMP Start page or by going to http://localhost:8888/phpmyadmin

    – once there, click the Databases tab
    – enter, in your case, Vingoe for the database name and click Create
    – that’s it here

    So now you have the database ready to use and the values you require for the Create configuration file screen:

    Database name: Vingoe
    Database user: root
    Database password: root
    Host name: localhost
    Table Prefix: wp_

    Keep in mind that there are two sets of credentials required for a WP install; this is the first set, for the DATABASE and has nothing to do with the login to the WP dashboard. That is the second set that you will choose the values for yourself. The first set for the DB using MAMP are root and root and are the default values, which are just fine for local use.

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