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  • Hi,

    since today (most recent version of WordPress and BackWPup) every new created .tar backups are corrupted.

    7-zip writes: There are some data after the end of the payload data

    And subfolders are not shown after unpack nor in 7-zip file manager view.

    Please fix it.


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  • Plugin Support duongcuong96


    Please enable debug log by going to BackWPUp -> Settings -> Logs -> Logging Level -> Debug(not translated )
    Then run the job again and give me the latest log file at BackWpUp -> Logs

    [INFO] BackWPup 3.5.1; A project of Inpsyde GmbH
    [INFO] WordPress 4.9.6 on
    [INFO] Log Level: Debug
    [INFO] BackWPup job: xxx; DBDUMP+FILE
    [INFO] Runs with user: (0)
    [INFO] BackWPup job start with link is active
    [INFO] BackWPup job started manually
    [INFO] PHP ver.: 7.0.19 (64bit); fpm-fcgi; Linux
    [INFO] Maximum PHP script execution time is 90 seconds
    [INFO] Script restart time is configured to 90 seconds
    [INFO] MySQL ver.: 10.1.32-MariaDB
    [INFO] Web Server: Apache
    [INFO] curl ver.: 7.29.0; NSS/3.34
    [INFO] Temp folder is: xxx/uploads/backwpup-xxx-temp/
    [INFO] Logfile is: /xxx/uploads/backwpup-xxx-logs/backwpup_log_xxx_2018-05-25_05-44-03.html
    [INFO] Backup file is: /xxx/uploads/backwpup-xxx-temp/xxx.cz_2018-05-25_05-44-03_TWCRWA6N05.tar
    [25-May-2018 05:44:03] 1. Try to backup database …
    [25-May-2018 05:44:03] Connected to database xxx on
    [25-May-2018 05:44:03] Backup database table “xxx_collaboration” with “~10” records
    [25-May-2018 05:44:03] Added database dump “xxx.sql” with 2,31 MB to backup file list
    [25-May-2018 05:44:03] Database backup done!
    [25-May-2018 05:44:03] 1. Trying to make a list of folders to back up …
    [25-May-2018 05:44:06] Added “wp-config.php” to backup file list
    [25-May-2018 05:44:06] 1283 folders to backup.
    [25-May-2018 05:44:06] 1. Trying to generate a manifest file …
    [25-May-2018 05:44:06] Added manifest.json file with 7,89 KB to backup file list.
    [25-May-2018 05:44:06] 1. Trying to create backup archive …
    [25-May-2018 05:44:06] Compressing files as Tar. Please be patient, this may take a moment.
    [25-May-2018 05:44:06] Adding Extra files to Archive
    [25-May-2018 05:44:06] Archiving Folder: /data/web/xxx/
    [25-May-2018 05:44:15] Backup archive created.
    [25-May-2018 05:44:15] Archive size is 112,25 MB.
    [25-May-2018 05:44:15] 8339 Files with 106,06 MB in Archive.
    [25-May-2018 05:44:15] Restart after 12 seconds.
    [25-May-2018 05:44:16] 1. Try to send backup file to an FTP server …
    [25-May-2018 05:44:16] Connected to FTP server:
    [25-May-2018 05:44:16] FTP client command: USER xxx
    [25-May-2018 05:44:16] FTP server response: User xxx logged in.
    [25-May-2018 05:44:16] FTP client command: SYST
    [25-May-2018 05:44:16] FTP server reply: UNIX
    [25-May-2018 05:44:16] FTP current folder is: /wp/
    [25-May-2018 05:44:16] FTP client command: PASV
    [25-May-2018 05:44:16] FTP server reply: Entering passive mode
    [25-May-2018 05:44:16] Starting upload to FTP …
    [25-May-2018 05:44:18] Backup transferred to FTP server: /xxx/xxx.cz_2018-05-25_05-44-03_TWCRWA6N05.tar
    [25-May-2018 05:44:18] Job done in 15 seconds.

    How to fix it?
    Thanks 🙂

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