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  • Wait, I take it all back. I still get “There are no services available for the period you selected”. The documentation isn’t all that clear – maybe I am doing something wrong. What settings must I use for the following:

    I have some laboratory equipment that students must book for. It is a 5 hour booking slot. They do not have to pay. They can book at any time (the lab is open 24 hours). Only 1 person may use the equipment at a time.

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    You need to set availability for days/hours. By default everything in the booking system has no status.

    Thank you

    I’m having the same issue (with the PRO version). I have all 7 days chosen, and I’ve added hours (in 24-hour 10:00 format) and enabled hours. I cannot get this to work with or without hours enabled. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?

    Thanks. Looks like a great plugin, if I can figure it out.


    i have the same problem with the error report “There are no services available for the period you selected” and i canĀ“t solve it.

    I enable hours in the seetings and define time slots like


    Than i click at a day, set the status to available and the no. available to 5.

    Now, if i click on the calendar in the frontend the day is green marked and a “5” is shown. Fine. But: Below the calendar the time slots are shown but the are grey and not green. And if i select a time slot in the dropdown menu the error message (see above) is shown.

    Any ideas?

    THX a lot

    find the solution on my own.

    The only way I could get this plugin to work is to add hours on individual days. Sorry, not gonna do it.

    I found the solution:

    Going with a different product that actually works.

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    You have the possibility to set hours definitions for all calendar or for group of days.

    Thank you

    I find it ridiculous that the documentation has zero information on how to add a service. I am stuck at the moment, and not able to add any bookings due to the error message “There are no services available for the period you selected.” But, I have looked everywhere in the administration panel and can’t find anywhere to add a service?

    I think you should spend 5 minutes to create a youtube video that shows how to add a simple functional calendar, with bookings enabled from the front end.

    This is obviously a good plugin as the reviews are great, but I must be being blind or something because I can’t use it (and I’m a developer!)

    Here’s what helped me:

    Basically be sure you tick “Set default hours values for this day(s). This will overwrite any existing data.” when you visit the calendar in the backend and click on a date. This is how you set it to display in green and what not. I just clicked on a start date, and then went several months ahead and clicked another date so that it selects all of them. Then made sure that line of text was ticked, and submit. Worked, thankfully after struggling for several days!

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    I am sorry for the late response.
    DavidGMII is right.

    Thank you.

    For those who have managed to get this plugin to work I am very happy for you. Booking Rooms may Work well But The Hours Booking needs some work.

    For myself I always try the free version of plugins to see if I can get them working for my needs In this case I have persevered But I cannot use it.

    If DOTonPAPER reads this…Overal I take my hat off to all plugin Authors
    but if you have a Pro Version surely a settings video for the free version would encourage folks to upgrade.

    I hoped to use it for Public Speaking Bookings and I am sure with a few tweaks this will eventually become a terrific plugin Good Luck

    I was almost able to get it to work, but it would only add hours for 2 or three days at a time, and sometimes random days. (I think something times out on the server or something.) The way I was able to finally get things working was to add the availability directly into the database via phpMyAdmin. All seems good now – I just have to remember how I did it 18 months from now when I need to add new dates.

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