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  • Hi there, anybody else having this issue?
    Category set up and hidden (but still accessible from the dropdown category menu) with 2 test posts in it that are viewable when the category is clicked on.

    BUT when shortcode is placed on the page that is supposed to become the blog the blog page only reads “Blog in Blog: There are no posts that match the selection criteria” with the usual leave comment stuff below it.

    I have tried using just the minimal required shortcode (exactly as shown in the example, hand typed and not cut & pasted, with my category slug), tried including the category ID, double-triple-quadruple checked the category slug…nothing, no change, no posts.

    Everything was going great up until the most important part; getting the posts onto the designated page.

    Does anyone have a clue about this as it applies to THIS plugin, not WP in general? All I can find in searching is things that apply to WP errors in general and a few random pages out there of sites displaying this exact same message from Blog in Blog that apparently haven’t figured it out either.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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  • Max


    I doubt this is your problem, but ya never know: I noticed that when I went into “Settings > Category Exclusion” (this is before I noticed the special settings page just for “Blog-in-blog”) and clicked the checkbox for “Exclude from Archives?” (for the Category that I also wanted to hide from the homepage and feed), the page with the Blog-in-blog shortcode no longer displayed the posts from that Category (I got the “There are no posts …” message instead). Everything worked after I unchecked “Exclude from Archives” again. This seems like a bug to me, but who knows, I’m a WP newbie.

    Anyway, if you have that checkbox checked, perhaps that is the reason you’re seeing this issue, and if not, sorry if I raised your hopes and/or wasted your time. Hope you figure it out!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post a possible answer to my issue! I am really trying to test what you suggested, but I am having trouble trying to find where you mentioned to see if this is in fact the problem. For “Settings > Category Exclusion”, can you explain more clearly (I know it must be just me, but I’m confused) where this is? I can’t find anywhere in WP Settings or in B in B that says “Category Exclusion” or “Exclude from Archives” that I can check or uncheck.

    I know you already took the time to write a possible answer, but could you please take a couple more minutes to show me exactly where I can access “Category Exclusion” and “Exclude from Archives”? The only thing I can find that seems even related is in the B in B “Category(ies) to hide from homepage.” and the checkbox below it that says “Hide categories from feed?”, and that doesn’t seem like what you’re referring to.

    Thank you again so much for your time,



    Hi Tracie,

    It looks like I inadvertently led you astray. Sorry! After reading your reply, I did some digging, and found that I think I’m only seeing the “Category Exclusion” settings page due to another plugin (“Ultimate Category Excluder”) that I think my colleague must have installed at another point. Sorry to have needlessly raised your hopes! Since you’ve apparently quadruple-checked to make sure the slug doesn’t have a typo, I’m not sure what other suggestions I could offer (already did enough damage anyway just trying to help w/ your issue in the first place :-/ ). Best of luck!

    Thank you for looking into it again and getting back to me! I don’t know what the problem is, I just wish the developer would look on here sometimes.

    Thanks again and have a great morning!

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