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  • This plugin is unsupported and no logner updated.

    There are however two alternative plugins that do the same thing and more.

    Alternative 1:
    Gravity Forms Sticky Form

    Alternative 2:
    Gravity Forms data persistence-add-on-reloaded

    The difference:
    Data Persistence Reloaded saves the entries in the wp_options table and populates the form with that data.

    Gravity Forms Sticky Form saves the data in an actual entry which makes it editable from the back end. When a submission is updated, the entry is updated thus keeping its starred and read status.

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  • Just want to clarify some things for people. I was thinking about abandoning “Gravity Forms Data Persistence Add-On Reloaded” but I was expecting a different outcome from “Gravity Forms Sticky Form”.

    Gravity Forms Sticky Form does NOT save progress. Which is the primary purpose Persistence Reloaded. It ONLY updates a previous COMPLETED entry.

    There is a save and continue feature coming out in the next release of Gravity Forms. But I have already been contacted by people saying they have tested it and still see the need for a plugin like Persistence Reloaded. Maybe it’s because of the features Sticky Form provides (the updating vs new entry).

    Yes. That is correct. Sorry for not mentioning it. Sticky forms does not (currently) save unsubmitted multipage forms. If you need that, use Reloaded.

    @unclhos You can grab the Gravity Forms 1.9 beta to test the new save-and-continue functuionallity. If you can’t access it I can send it to you.

    I plan on implementing save and continue if the GF 1.9 is not satisfactory. The main reason for developing a new plugin was to learn the inner workings of GF. I plan on expanding my plugin to include front end listing and editing of submissions and I’m going to use the GF Add-on framework to make maintaining the plugin easier.

    Anyway,it’s great that you keep updating this much needed plugin.

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