• I spent the weekend looking for the perfect reaction plugin for my site. I thought this might have been it, but there are two many problems.

    (1) You can’t customize the icons without emailing them to the developer.

    (2) Users can select more than one reaction button at the same time. So basically, the user can select Like and Hated on the same post. Silly.

    (3) If the viewer clicks a button indicating that he hated your page, the plugin still prompts the viewer to share their feedback on social media. Why in the world would you want a viewer who hated your page to say anything about it on social?

    (4) The customization options are very slim. You have to work directly with the developer to do them.

    (5) The plugin counts Administrator and Editor activity as page views. For example, during one edit session, we racked up 175 page views even though we were signed in. That’s going to skew the results.

    (6) The dashboard kind of sucks. You can’t remove stale pages/posts, for example.

    The worst part is that a paid subscription is about $85 US per month. That is insane. Emojics offers many times more functionality and flexibility for a 10th of that price.

    This is an alpha product. The developer should be giving away the paid subscriptions until it’s a full developed product. It’s no where near ready for prime time.

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