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  • Hello, I’m quite new to this. I’ve installed WordPress no problem.

    But I’m browsing for themes and template, most of them are for blogging. Any theme that offers 3-columnar design which is not for blogging?

    Basically the site I plan to do is a travel review site. It will have a lot of static page. I just want to customize the header/footer/side to be uniform to every page.

    Pls provide me any links.

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  • Since WP is a blogging tool – I think it’s understandable the themes are mainly for blogs.
    However, I remember posts here about sites built exclusively by the Pages feature of WP, so they don’t look “like a blog” at all. (Actually I have also made a website for a client using just the Pages of WP; it’s easy to update the content.)
    You can take any 3 column design and tweak it or, you can create your own to match an existing website. WP is felxible enough to let you use it in many different ways, you just have to be creative and learn a bit about its internal working. A good place to start: Codex.

    I have created a non-blog style 3 column design for my website I will soon package a theme for free distribution .. should be ready in a week’s time.

    vizmaya I really like that! I started my site in another CMS.. and moved to WP. I originally wanted mine to look like a website more than a blog.. and I have heavily tweaked mine from the original theme.. but I guess mine still looks like a blog 🙁 )
    one day after I get the basic structure down, I think I would like to learn how to make a theme from scratch. I would like to do it with my site just to see if I make it “be” a blog but not look like a typical one.. to be different 😉 is awesome when will it be out?

    Thanks for taking a peek at I need to cleanup and package the theme as per WordPress codex guidelines, test it in different browsers etc .. before release. Should be released in a week.


    I use small 5 line php files that call each individual category to give the appearance of a “website”.

    My main website is at

    I am also using the same formula for a website I am creating for work, at

    Righton, your site design is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for posting the link — It’s given me a lot of great ideas!

    VizmayaTech SmallBiz_3 Theme is now available for download at

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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