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  • This theme has allowed me to create a truly superb site. I had some trouble recently… changes I made in “customize” would simply disappear. First of all, the theme developer was extremely fast in responding to me… it’s evident that it’s extremely important to him to continually improve this product. He was very helpful and friendly.

    As it turned out, the problem was not with the theme itself, but when this site was migrated to Go Daddy, something about the migration process was what caused the problem, which basically made it so that object caching would not work. I was able to fix it on my own.

    But I am extremely impressed with the care that has gone into making this theme, and how extremely customizable it is. I plan on using it for the next site I make, and I’m certain, many more websites after that.

    My last customer said of their site “impressive.” It wasn’t all me… Press Customizr gave me the flexibility to do what I did. Thanks!

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  • Theme Author Nicolas GUILLAUME


    Hi @lucisweb,
    Please report your problem in the forum with as much details as you can and we’ll try to help you fix this issue.
    I’m really concerned because nobody reported such a problem yet. We need to check if a plugin or a server configuration issue could be the cause of your problem.
    Please paste your system informations in your forum topic. You’ll find them in your WP admin, under Appearance > About Customizr Pro.

    Hi @lucisweb,

    Please take a look at my screen-cast which shows I am able to set a slider and change tagline without any issues.

    If you are using WordPress 4.7, you need to be using Customizr 3.4.36 in order to prevent any issue with your Appearance -> Customize

    Please update your theme if you are using an older version.

    After updating theme, If you are using a cache plugin or server cache, you will need to clear your cache content.
    Please clear browser history before re-visiting Appearance -> Customize

    If you are still facing problems, you can proceed to check for plugin conflict.
    Any plugin with conflicting script will cause your customizer to malfunction.

    Please carry out the following steps.

    1) If you are using a cache plugin or server cache, Please clear your cache content and disable your cache plugin’s caching feature via it’s settings.

    2) Proceed to disable all your plugins.

    2) Clear your browser history.

    3) Go to Appearance -> Customize to try out your settings.
    If it’s a plugin conflict, your customizer should work properly now.

    Please let me know how it goes.

    As per request by Theme Author, please post your system information, it will provide useful information to assist in troubleshooting your issue.

    Thank you

    Hello Denzel,
    I did already have the latest version of both WordPress and Customizr (free version) installed. I’m going to post more on the issue in the forum, as requested. Thanks.

    Hello Nicolas, I’ve posted that information as you requested.

    Denzel, I took all the steps you mentioned, including disabling all of my plugins. It has not fixed the problem.

    Now that all plugins are disabled, another strange thing has happened: the setting where I was supposed to be able to disable the demo slider, has now disappeared.

    One more detail that may be important:

    In my dashboard, there’s a message at the top which says:

    “Warning! No socket configured. This object cache will not work without a defined REDIS_SOCKET”

    Hi @lucisweb,

    Let’s continue in your forum post.

    I have made a reply.

    Thank you

    Theme Author Nicolas GUILLAUME


    Hi @lucisweb,
    I’m glad you solved the issue.

    Reviews are a key metric for us and for our users. Reading your last forum reply, I understand that your initial rating is not relevant anymore.
    Would it be possible to modify the initial star review you did ?

    Thanks for that and regards,

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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