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  • I have a project for which the WordPress Multilingual plugin looks like the right solution. The feature set is really impressive.

    However, after browsing the WPML documentation, I can find plenty of info on writing or customizing themes to work with WPML but nothing about existing free themes that work as-is. Am I misunderstanding something? Is there really nothing like a “Twentyten ML” which can serve as a basis for WPML projects?

    The docs I’ve read include:

    I’d really like to bring up a “hello world” site using WPML before I sink effort into theme hacking. Suggestions?

    (BTW, I’d be asking this on the WPML forums, but as far as I can tell you now have to be a paying customer to post there. 🙁 )

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  • I have a developers account on WPML. Just started to use it. I installed it on a hacked Twentyten Theme. Works fine except for subpages. Check here

    WPML about Theme Compatibility:

    WooThemes Canvas Srdjan (WPML) Works perfectly with WPML, including a language configuration file which allows translating texts in the theme Admin screens.
    StudioPress Genesis Srdjan (WPML) Works with WPML without any known issues.
    ThemeForest QualiFire Andon Works with WPML and tested by other users in our forum.
    ThemeForest PureVISION Andon Works with WPML.

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