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    Im trying to move from to a hosted site. I just have a problem moving the theme. The thing is, i used a theme on called , and it had the same one to download , so i did that and installed it. Its supposed to be the same as the one from it has the same name and same author and everything!
    here is what it does look like

    and here is what its supposed to look like

    as you can see it seems to ignore images, cut the post of earlier than asked to, and ignore the line spacing and paragraphs. it looks fine using the default theme supplied by and various other templates i tried too.

    Have i done something wrong? I havent changed any code or played with any options or plugins or anything. Im really new to so please help me!

    Any ideas anyone?

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  • Start here:

    You need to edit the theme’s index.php file and replace the excerpt with the content.

    that worked, but there is still tons of other errors that i cant solve. is there now way to download the EXACT same theme thats used on the website?

    the sidebar doesn’t allow widgets.
    and also for some reason all my comment authors names are non existent, as in i think they didnt even work when i imported.
    im starting to wonder if they make it deliberately hard to move from .com to .org

    No, they don’t make it “hard”…
    They customized the original theme for their own need. Now you have to do the same for your own installation – if you want the same features in that same theme.

    It has nothing to do with the moving, it is about your ability to customize/edit the theme.

    i want the same features as i had on my blog. if i download the theme titled the same and by the same author i expect it to be the same.
    i have no knowledge of php. they are already experts who can do it probably in their sleep.

    besides the import is still not working correctly, i didnt even realise untill i looked at a post, and after searching on the forum, it appears its a re occurring bug.

    here i am looking at instructions about how to widgetize my theme and i really can see it taking me a whole nother day to get it done!

    Thanks for your help so far though, its most appreciated

    The people who run wordpress.COM customized those themes for their users.

    Maybe you can find a theme that works better for you at Using Themes. Look for a theme that already supports Widgets.

    ive been trawling through those to look for another theme, and black with widgets is very limited choice.

    any chance i can ask someone on here to edit a theme for me so it can take widgets and also add another column to it. In return i have no money to offer, but i CAN offer a legal key for styleXP. (I have a deal with the owners)

    edit update : i managed to make it widget enabled. now all thats left is to add another column. if anyone can help me do that, they earn a free styleXP key.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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