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  • I’ve run a search and found a little help from some similar issues posted previously, but I still have a question based on what I have found so far. After installing, no theme styling is used to format the blog. My setup uses the directory, but I have a subdomain set as

    After using the information referenced at I’ve determined that if I change everything to the homepage URL (i.e., all works fine. If I change everything to use the subdomain as I installed it, the themes don’t work.

    My question is am I missing a setting somewhere, or is this a restriction in how WordPress works?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • I guess the issue is with your “subdomain”. If it is NOT a real subdomain but has a redirect to – then it will not work.

    I will look into this. I’ve used subdomains at this particular webhost before with other types of scripts without any problems, but I don’t know for sure if this is because they handled it both ways and I’ve never noticed it, or what. I’ll keep plugging away until I have an answer from them either way.

    Have a look at this thread: Is it similiar to your issue?

    Also, what version of wordpress are you using? Apparently, spencerp was able to get it to work on a subdomain – but that looks like it was wordpress, version 2.1 alpha 2

    I didn’t say it doesn’t work at all on a subdomain (try to read exactly what I said!)

    I said and I repeat it for everybody: it will NOT work properly if your subdomain:
    – is a “fake” one, practically redirecting you to a subfloder
    – is pointing to something else

    I have WP installed on subdomain and it works. It just have to be a normal subdomain without re-direct.

    Yeah, sorry moshu, that’s what I understood the first time. I just wasn’t savvy enough to know if my webhost was taking a short cut or not in how they implemented things. Having had webhosts in the past offer a feature that turned out to sidestep “standards”, I wanted to check. According to them, it’s a real subdomain, although they have it set up with the ability to do it with a redirect if I so chose (which I didn’t). I’ll take a look some more and see if I’m missing anything, as I AM learning more as I poke at this. Thanks for the help so far. 🙂

    Oh, sorry splanters, almost forgot. I downloaded what is listed as the last stable version, 2.0.4.

    I have discovered that my webhost, Hasweb, has version 2.0.3 installable through a Fantastico control panel. I’ve tried using it as a benchmark to see what I may be doing wrong, but I am finding that even with it’s installation, I get the same problem. I have also attempted to setup things using what I found at this link:

    This hasn’t done me much good either. I realize my lack of knowledge is probably hamstringing me, but I am curious if there are webhosts where WordPress may be incompatible, and if I happen to be using one of them. I’ve had nothing else give me this kind of problem using subdomains before, forum scripts, gallery scripts, other blog scripts, etc. Any other ideas anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

    If the subdomian (as you said above) is not redirected to a subfolder and both URI values in Options > General point to the real location of the WP install – it should work.
    I have WP installed on a subdomain:
    I even have one installed in a subfolder of a subdomain 🙂 – and it works perfectly in both cases.

    Finally figured it out, and yep, my fault (which I figured, but took me a while to figure out HOW 🙂 ). I apparently installed at some point in the past some anti-leeching controls to prevent image leeching from a gallery into my sites .htaccess file. Naturally, while I’d put in overrides for specific areas, none of them included the blog (since it’s new). Once I added the blog in, all went well. Pass me the stupid cap for the week. 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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