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  • I am having problems with the themes that I have uploaded showing up in my dashboard “available themes”. I contacted bluehost to make sure that it was not a problem on their side and all is fine there. Why can’t I get the themes to show up on my dashboard?


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  • What themes, if any, are showing up, besides the one I currently see.

    Do you see all 4 of these, or just 2? 3? 1?

    How many have you uploaded?

    I had uploaded 3 more themes other than the ones that I have already there and I have them under my word press/content/theme folder in my ftp but cannot get them to show up on my available themes section on the dashboard.

    I checked the link that you provided but the 3 that I have uploaded are not there. They are located in the file manager under wp-content/theme. Is this not the correct location? I am pretty “green” in this area and need some step by step instructions…lol

    I’m betting you uploaded them to a directory that started with WWW ???

    That (WWW) isnt where you want to start from on your ftp.

    After logging in.. you ought to see something like public_html/ … (it might not be named that).

    thats where you want to start traversing down your directory strucure to locate where to upload to..


    is not equal to :


    WWW is a symlink (symbolic link) that exists for the server, not you. And for purposes of uploading any content, ought to be ignored completely.

    Then again, you might not see a public_html or a WWW, if you ftp straight into your site root.

    A screen shot of what you see when you are uploading would help immensely if none of the above is the case. Particularly, a screen shot that shows the full path that you are uploading to.

    and so we are clear, above you stated:

    >> “They are located in the file manager under wp-content/theme”

    themes go inside wp-content/themes

    That was probably a typo since looking via my browser I dont see that directory, but it’s always best to clarify typos that might confuse things.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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