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  • I’ve uploaded a new theme to wp-content/themes but it won’t show in the presentation panel as an available theme. Any common solutions to this problem?

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  • Check to make sure it doesn’t have double nested folders. For example

    I had the same problem because of what jeremyclark mentioned above.

    wp-content/themes/themename – should have all the php files etc

    if it doesn’t show up there might be a problem with the theme itself.

    well, i dont have nested folders, could it make a difference what the theme folder is called? I just used the name that it defaulted to

    EDIT: I tried this with another theme and the same thing is happening. It won’t show up under the presentation tab. Does anyone else use 1and1?

    Okay, I figured out what the problem was. the hosting service i use (1and1) had an option to create a blog. This option did not require the use of a mySQL database or any uploading, but it also did not support the use of third party themes. In order to create my own blog in which i could use other themes, I had to delete the 1and1 blog and deal exclusively with the uploaded wordpress files.

    Yes all those automated installers do is case problems.

    I have the same problem as reggieluther. The theme is in my cPanel, but not showing up in the presentation panel.
    I don’t have double nested folders. My URL is a subdomain. Is there something else I need to do to get the theme to show in the presentation panel?

    Good Day, I have similar problems with the themes, but what i have is that only blank boxes appear on the available themes, and when i use them, some backgrounds are distorted even some does not appear at all, what do you think causes this problem?

    I’m having the same problem as nancy4. I use cPanel. I uploaded all the files for a new theme to wp-content/themes, but it didn’t appear in the presentation panel. I tried a different theme today, again it didn’t work.

    Any suggestionss would be appreciated.

    Is there a message on your presentation panel saying something about a missing style.css file?

    No, nothing like that.

    I’m having the same problem. I am getting the actual template but the graphics are not showing up. The dreaded boxes with red crosses have appeared instead. There is also a message at the bottom of the ‘themes’ page which tells me the style sheet is missing when I know for a fact it is not.

    I have only just had this template made specially for me as I couldn’t find a baby one to suit. So I am totally baffled, My host is equally baffled as to what could be wrong but is still working on it.

    It should look like this with a different header though to suit my website name.

    But it looks like this


    Is there anyone out there in a saner world than mine that could possibly throw some light on this before the guys in white coats cart me off.

    I still can’t get the themes to come up on the presentation panel. Since my URL is a subdomain, is there another cPanel to use. The cPanel is powered by Hostgator.

    thefunkypunk- love your template. What you’re getting sure isn’t that. I feel like you do…like the guys in white coats are soon to cart me off.

    Yes all those automated installers do is case problems.

    Is this something I should take up with my hosting provider, do you think, jeremyclark13?

    i am having the same problems as nancy4 and tera foundation. i have uploaded the themes to the cPanel but they won’t show up on the presentation panel. i have tried several more themes and none of them will show up on the presentation panel.

    please help.

    I too am with Hostgator, have uploaded a new theme, it shows up in the cPanel right next to the “classic” and “default” theme but will not show up on the presentation panel. What is it we are doing wrong?

    I have looked and here is what’s in there:

    / wordpress / wp-content / themes / (Current Folder)
    Create New Folder
    Upload file(s)
    Up one level
    blue-earth-10 755
    classic 755
    default 755
    Create New File

    wordpress / blue-earth-10 / (Current Folder)
    Create New Folder
    Upload file(s)
    Up one level
    img 755
    Create New File
    404.php 0 k 0644
    Readme.txt 0 k 0644
    archive.php 2 k 0644
    archives.php 0 k 0644
    comments-popup.php 4 k 0644
    comments.php 3 k 0644
    footer.php 0 k 0644
    functions.php 0 k 0644
    header.php 1 k 0644
    index.php 1 k 0644
    links.php 0 k 0644
    page.php 0 k 0644
    screenshot.png 35 k 0644
    search.php 1 k 0644
    searchform.php 0 k 0644
    sidebar.php 0 k 0644
    sidebar2.php 1 k 0644
    single.php 1 k 0644
    style.css 16 k 0644

    This is so frustrating! ;>)

    Thanks to anyone who can help us!

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