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  1. justin24
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hey guys, my server recently underwent some maintence and my blog got all screwy. I used it as an excusse to upgrade to 2.1 (And as a side note, thank you WordPress devs and coders for makign that the easiet wp install ever!)

    Anyway, I was getting 403 errors when trying to access my blog to view or to admin, when I set the chmod to 777, I was able to get into my wp admin, but the template/main page would now give me a 500.

    So I upgraded and installed 2.1, and that went well. I can see my page now, and the admin page is working fine. However I can't preview themes or install any. I've read up on the few posts and tried thier solutions (dbl. folders, making sure .css and index are there etc.) but nothing has worked so far, and I don't think it's a wp issue but I'm not sure, my main page is like it's plain HTML, while my admin page retains the wp default theme.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thx!

  2. justin24
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Also, in case it helps here is the url http://www.jhaf.org/justinsblog/

    wp and blog url in options are set to that directory.

  3. justin24
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Also I went into my phpadmin and using the http://www.tamba2.org.uk/wordpress/site-url/ tutorila I found that there was a rouge backslash on my site_url, I took care of that checked home and that value didn't need any editing.

  4. justin24
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I def. don't think it is WP now, must be server side. I've been on the forums but no official response yet. The peculiar thing is when I changed osme settings back I get to view the content but can't log into admin/post/options/anything-wp unless I change the permissions, as well, pictures wont show either from my justinsblog/image directory when the permissions are defaulted.

    In fact all the directories are 403, with the exception of jhaf.org/justinsblog ... so I'm thinking it's 100% server side, and I've tried the .htaccess- mod_security line to disable it, placing .htaccess with the line in both root and wp-admin and nothing happened at all.

    Just to be sure, I opened and edited in Notepad, the line should be "SecFilterInheritance Off" just like that without the quotes and no white space right? The other mundane thing i may have missed is .htaccess should be uploaded as just .htaccess, right? no .php or .html at the end?

  5. justin24
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Ok I'm one step closer. Server side issues are fixed, some directories were not at 755, which was giving me the 403. I took care of that, however it did not solve the themes problem, I still can upload any number and get no template/blank screen in the theme viewer, and even though it's selectable, my page still will not take any of the themes and still shows as just plain html.

    All plugins have been deactived of coruse, since the wp install.

    Should I try re-installing from scratch instead of Upgrading, and if soem how could I save my posts/comments/etc?

  6. whooami
    Posted 8 years ago #


    Do you have access to your server logs?

    I would be very interested in knowing what your error logs say about my very recent attempts at hitting those urls.

    I notice also that you have a post titled "nice"

    If you had pretty permalinks, it would be here:


    Thats odd, as well, but I cannot explain it.

  7. justin24
    Posted 8 years ago #

    thx for the help whooami but after I got over the instalatoion problems, while the theme viewer works somehting is not allowing custom themes to adhere, and it reverts them back to simple html.

    I think when I was searching for an asnwer to my wordpress install problems I found a few resolved issues that sounded like what is now going on with my themes. Something about the two defaults being "hardwired" so they will like always show, and the other themese needing something done or what not.

    Anyway, again thanks for the response!

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