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[Resolved] Themes not recognized on Dashboard>Presentation

  • For the better part of the past day I’ve been trying to get the themes I’ve uploaded to show up in Dashboard>Presentation without success.

    I’ve uploaded at least six of them to my themes file — all of them developed for 2.0 and from three different sources — and they all show up there with, as far as I can tell, all of their files and folders intact.

    I’m ready to kick my dog. Any suggestions — on how to get the themes to show up properly, I mean.



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  • a link to your site would be helpful ..

    Look at the path/directory structure for ‘default’ and make sure the thmes you upload are following that method… Example:

    Very often, when you download a theme, and unzip it, you get a folder, and within that folder is the REAL theme folder. Are you sure you’re uploading the proper folder (which, when open, should have an images folder (most of the time) and a bunch of php files inside)?

    Thanks folks for the response.

    Whooami, here’s the link: detocquevillesdaughter.com

    Yosemite, here the path for one of the themes I’ve uploaded:

    i’m guessing that the example you give of index.php is just a forinstance with the index.php file

    Lady Delaluna, I’m about 99.99% sure that I’ve uploaded the right folder. (I’d already made the mistake you’re mentioning on the first go-around.) Anyway, most of the themes I’ve uploaded do have an images folder — but one has an icons folder and one has no folder at all — along with a bunch php and png (if I recall) files inside.


    I see 2 themes. that tells me you are not uploading them to the proper place, unless of course, youve since deleted them?


    This is the weirdest thing. I just checked in wp-control/themes in my Control Panel/File Manager and it shows all six of them there.

    Haven’t the foggiest of what’s happening here. Can you tell me which two showed up. That might help in tracking down what’s going on.

    you can click the link above and see which ones I see.. it wont be any different for you.

    and since you dont seem to have a wp-control directory on your site, Ill assume thats typo. Uploading them to wp-control/themes would not be the correct place for them.


    Also just checked for the files with FileZilla and all six show up as being in wp-control/themes

    please read.. wp-control/themes is NOT where they go. Ive said that already. Is this a typo or not? If not, thats the problem.

    themes go inside wp-content/themes .. nowhere else



    A couple of things. I went to the site you said and you’re right. Besides, those two files were none of the six that I uploaded. They’re the ones that come with WordPress.

    Also, when I click on Parent Directory, it takes me to a blank page with the URL detocquevillesdaughter.com/wp-control. I would’ve guessed that that was my wp-control directory.

    Next, you’ll have to excuse my denseness but I’m new at this and, to tell you the truth, I don’t know what you mean by this

    “and since you dont seem to have a wp-control directory on your site, Ill assume thats typo. Uploading them to wp-control/themes would not be the correct place for them.”

    Maybe the best solution is to uninstall wordpress and reinstall the whole thing to get it right this time.

    Save yourself some grief:
    Then you’ll know where everything goes.

    please read what you are typing..

    you stated:

    “Also just checked for the files with FileZilla and all six show up as being in wp-control/themes”

    I am going to say this yet again. wp-control is NOT a wordpress directory. Themes go inside wp-content/themes/

    This is very simple, if you pay attention to what you are writing, what you are seeing, and what you are doing.

    Look at the url:


    wp-content/themes/ : thats where they go.

    end of story.

    That they are NOT in the directory, tells me you are NOT uploading them to the correct place.

    1. ftp into your site
    2. go into wp-content
    3. go into themes
    4. upload a theme.



    You’re right, of course, it’s not wp-control. My typo.

    It’s wp-content.

    And when you go in the way you did — through the address — none of the themes show up.

    But when I look at it through file manager — or through FileZilla — they’re sitting right there in wp-conten/themes as big as life.

    any chance you can take a screenshot and show me what it looks like in filezilla when your looking at them in the directory?


    be glad to if you want to send me your e-mail address.

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