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    My site,, was functioning well with the origami theme version 1.2.5 until today when I tried to upload a favicon. I installed the plugin “WP-Filebase”. I changed the uploads destination folder from the default: ‘wp-content/uploads/filebase’, to ‘wp-content/themes’, and uploaded my favicon.ico I don’t think I was supposed to do that, because when I went to my site, it had stopped using a theme at all and looked terrible. I deleted the favicon file, and changed back the upload folder destination to it’s default setting. My site still looked terrible. I deleted the plugin. It still looks terrible. I tried installing and activating a new theme, and it will not work either. No theme will work now. If you go to, you see broken images for all the theme images. I was planning on monetizing my site today after I uploaded a favicon, so naturally I’m upset. I would greatly appreciate any help on returning my themes to their original state of functioning properly.

    Thank you so much.

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  • Hello,

    delete the “.htaccess” file in themes directory.


    It worked! Thank you so much, Fabian! I spent hours in the forum researching, trying different things, attempting to figure it out, but everyone had a slightly different problem than I had. I should have just posted this question and left it alone. Thank you so much! I am really grateful. 🙂

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