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  • Hi,

    Just implemented 2.8 and couldn’t get even the default theme to display – site main page is white background and Times Roman text in a single column. Okay I thought, I’ve done something dumb – re-installed, went into appearance and selected themes, none previewed however the relative paths displayed were correct. I chose a theme that was there but wouldn’t preview and activated it. I returned to the main site page and it was still a 90s flat HTML style but at the bottom it displayed Powered by Word Press | Theme by Theme creator (names changed to protect the innocent :-)). So clearly it is picking up the name of the theme and the location but no style settings at all are getting applied to the site.

    I’ve got a usable dashboard and the functionality seems okay it is just not using the style sheets. There are no error messages I can see.

    The server is an Apache with PHP4 and MySQL hosted by PlusNet in the UK. The browsers I’ve tried are Safari 4, Firefox 3.0.1 and Opera 9.5.4. No difference. I even wiped the install in implemented 2.7.1 and it too didn’t display sheets so there must be something odd that I haven’t got right or some wierdness with the host.

    Are there any debug routines to activate to check things like variables and paths?

    Any thoughts?



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  • Here’s an addendum, I also activated the Hello Dolly plug-in which happily does what it should on the dashboard and the admin pages and tools, but doesn’t display on the site main page either. Something awry here and I’m pondering the templates and styles paths – where are they defined?

    Okay – I’ve made some progress here. This is to with paths. I had the 2.8.0 installation in a directory called /cgi-bin/wordpress and now I’ve installed it into the root and everything works. I’m presuming that I my hosting ISP is obfuscating the path somehow and foxing the path determining function. Where can I override the path settings?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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