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    Hi all,

    I’m trying to figure out what is wrong with my WordPress. I’ve found that if I use any theme besides WordPress Classic 1.5, that the right column will display under the main body.

    Also, the main body will be w/o its expected coloring. I’ve done everything that I can think of to fix this, including erasing all of the WP files and then do a fresh upload of them (w/o touching my MySQL tables).

    I’ve even installed new themes (ie: ScaryLittle, and Pool), and they do not display correctly either.

    Any suggestions on what this could be?



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  • Right now I’m seeing your blog with the “Think Different” theme. Looks fine from here.

    When you change a theme, you may have to clear your browser cache (or use ctrl-F5 to force a reload) to see the new theme properly. Or, if your version of WP is using the built in caching, sometimes you even have to clear that on the server (delete everything under /wp-content/cache/).

    Yes, its actually a different blog I’m running. Its at:, I have asked other people, and it shows up wierd for them also.

    Its now displaying Pool, and if you look at it now you’ll see it doesn’t display it correctly. Look all they way down at the bottom and you’ll see the right column

    Well there ya go. I was at the wrong blog. Doh.

    Hard to say what’s going on without seeing it in action. You have some validation issues, but I don’t think most of them would be causing display issues. The <a xhref.. is a bit odd, might want to fix that one to be href instead.

    Maybe install the theme switcher plugin so you can keep the default theme, but give folks a chance to see it in action with other themes?

    Still looking. Noticed your Feb archives look fine. So there’s something not right with one of the more recent posts.

    About looks fine too.

    Episode 3 is the one that has the issue. All the others look fine in single view except this one.

    My eye’s are worn out, but that’s the one I’d look real closely at.

    Thanks HandySolo, I tried to install the ThemeSwitcher file, but for some reason WP refuses to see it.

    I fixed that problem, and now everything is great!

    thanks again,


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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