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  • To paraphrase those AMPM convenience store ads, too much stuff. I have searched through GOOGLE, I have looked through theme directories. With precious few exceptions, nobody’s heard of updating. Not even to say, “Not really 2.7 compatible.” Some will say their themes are sorta 2.7 compatible, but if your themes don’t support threaded commenting and paged comments, you’re not really 2.7 compatible. So I’m posting this to find out where the 2.7 themes are.

    Yes, I have been to the 2.7 compatible theme page in the WordPress codex. Too much information missing, such as; number of columns, sidebar location, predominant color, options page, plugins required, plugins included, that sort of thing. I’d like to find more 2.7 themes, ones not listed on (Surreal-Reality for example, which as I have been informed by the designer is 2.7 ready, and submitted for inclusion in the theme directory. I’m using it at the not really ready for prime time Mythusmage blog. Easy to modify BTW.)

    My own particular needs are for 2 column themes with left hand sidebars; 3 column themes split or right hand sidebars; brown, bronze, or gold; book, nature, or autumn look. Animals both real and fantasy would be nice, as well as a theme or two with a fantasy RPG look. If you happen to have good 2 column right hand sidebar themes to recommend, guidelines on how to switch the sidebar to the left side would be nice. As would advice on how to remove Twitter stuff since I don’t use that service (wrong generation). If it has a PSD file or two which need alteration to show my blog name, explicit instructions on how to alter those files please. I’m 54 going on 55 and us creaky old farts aint that mentally nimble.

    Those reliable leads I get will be linked to at Mythusmage. I hope you can help, and together we can put together an extensive resource for WordPress users.

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  • Only the themes posted at the Themes Directory have been approved by WP. Anything else you are on your own. I’m not a moderator, but I would imagine that such blatant advertising for your own themes directory would not be appreciated here.


    The theme directory is a good source, but an incomplete one. The GPL requirement is why. I understand that requirement, but it does leave out good themes that may be released under Creative Commons or even a basic copyright.

    I’m also limiting myself to 2.7 themes, so that makes it different too.

    It’s also fairly slow now that a lot of themes has been updated and waiting moderation. Sent in my updated theme for 2.7 (yes with all the threaded comments) early Sunday and is still waiting. Granted it’s holiday and all, but still…

    I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that if a theme has previously been approved by WP … the update issue is pretty much a non-starter. It is still a WP approved theme.

    To say the WP theme directory is “incomplete” strikes me as ridiculous. How complete is “complete”? 100 themes? 1000 themes? Themes that fit someones bizarre idea of what they need – if it’s even possible? If someone cannot find a theme from the hundreds available they are missing the point. You will NEVER find a theme or template from any source that winds up to be exactly what you want. Themes are offered as a starting point – to be changed in some way to suit the user. You want a single column, a double column, a three column? They are there. Change the styles to suit yourself and move on. It’s not that hard and doesn’t cost “thousands.” Nor to you have to be an expert programmer. I’m fairly competent with markup and CSS, but don’t know crap about PHP, and my site is almost unrecognizable from the basic theme I used.

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