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  • divinebird


    My new blog, has been giving me some problems. I must be doing something very simple wrong, because I know it can’t be this difficult.

    I installed the blog just fine, had a sample post and an ‘about’ page, everything looked great. I went to the themes directory and found some themes that I liked and decided to try them out. I uploaded them properly, and was able to preview each one on my blog. When I decided which one I wanted to use, I looked into how to edit themes so I could make the blog match my page.

    This is where it went wrong. I changed the permissions on the themes so I could edit them in the theme editor on the dashboard, only to see all my themes disappear from the list on the dashboard. They’re all still in the site folder, they’re just not showing up on the list anymore. I changed the permissions back, thinking that was the problem, but they still don’t show up. I went and cleared my database as instructed in another thread, deciding to start from scratch. I was able to reinstall wordpress just fine, as well as the four themes I wanted to play with.

    However, now it doesn’t show up at all. No blog, no screen, no list in the dashboard. I do get the dashboard, and it appears I can write posts fine, but if I click on ‘view post’, it brings me to a blank white page.

    What is happening, and how do I fix it? I just want to create a blog that I can use on my website instead of using offsite blogs or journals. I can’t believe this still won’t work!


    Thank you!

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  • MichaelH


    If the themes are still in wp-content/themes, consider changing the permissions on wp-content/themes to 777 as well as each of the theme folders.



    Thank you so much; your suggestion worked and my blog is up & running now! 😀 Sometimes the simplest solutions work the best. 😀

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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