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  • Howdy everyone, I am all new to WordPress which already installed on my hoster, played with it a bit and am liking what I see. Now that I have it up and running I want to design some new themes…I have experience with Photoshop, dreamWeaver, and other web applications. However, I need tips or guidance on how to make themes in the workflow of using Photoshop===>ImageReady===>DreamWeaver …is anybody using this workflow?

    The other question is how can I design themes in design layout view in Dreamweaver? In other words I want to see on the fly changes I make in the editor…

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  • Photoshop===>ImageReady===>DreamWeaver is pretty much the standard way of building graphic, table based webpages.

    I don’t wnat to be discouraging because we all have to start somewhere but you are asking for a lot on one question.

    You basically need 3 skill sets

    1. Google “make web page with photoshop” and pick a tut that makes sense to you.

    2. Learn how to develop a wordpress theme. They are built on css so you will have to develop one based on tables. (duplicate a theme and modify the header.php and footer.php with the upper and lower half of the theme from step one.

    3. If you want to develop WP live on your desktop, search for Xampp for wordpress. WP is php based and Dreamweaver cannot put the pieces together. Xampp will let you see “on the fly changes I make in the editor…”


    Good luck!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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