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  • I can’t seem to figure it out guys….this is my first topic here because I have always somehow solved my problems, until now. The theme I use is VideoPlus, and my site does deal in an adult topic. Nevertheless, I am in need of your expertise.

    Before the issue, a fancybox used to pop up whenever a video thumbnail is clicked. This is a setting in the theme’s options itself called “Enable fancybox effect for video thumbnails” . Out of nowhere, it stopped working! Now, when I click a thumbnail, it opens the video player (youtube or whatever) as a full screen. basically, what used to appear in a small fancybox popup now loads on the page in full screen.

    I have tried reinstalling the theme, disabling plugins and re-enabling 1 by 1. Nothing worked, couldn’t find the source of this issue. PLEASE HELP ME. I can give you access to the admin if needed.

    Site Link:

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    On which page and which picture should FancyBox be using?

    Thanks for the quick response Andrew. So the lightbox should show up on the homepage or search pages or category pages..Basically any page that displays my posts as a thumbnail – when you click the thumbnail, the actual embedded video (youtube or whtevr) displays as a lightbox. it’s an option provided by the theme that stopped working.

    Here is a demo of the theme:

    As you can see, when you click on any of the post thumbnails, a lightbox pops up with the corresponding video clip….this is what i’m referring to.

    Oy, there are a lot of exploits for lightbox. What version of wordpress are you using? Does it use uploadify.php or an old version of timthumb.php?

    hi planetzuda! i’m using version 3.4.2. my theme seems to use “jquery.fancybox.js” .. it also uses “jquery-ui-1.8.5.custom.min.js”…these files are in the theme’s “includes” folder. Please help me figure this out…thanks

    any help on this guys?

    I am still unable to figure this out! I installed all sorts of plugins and disabled all sorts of things!!!! HOW could this have randomly stopped working?? Do i have to reinstall wordpress? Please help guys.



    Did you figure out what was the problem? I’m having this problem…



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    @rdc4 – this thread is way outdated – referencing WP3.4.2 and old versions of jQuery as well. If you need help, please start your own thread per

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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