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  • I’m pretty much a newbie with WordPress. I created my blog for the first time in July, installing WordPress through GoDaddy and importing my posts from Blogger. I recently upgraded to 2.6 through GoDaddy and to my dismay found that the Themes no longer work. I tried restoring to 2.5 and the problem remained. I upgraded again to 2.6 and then today to 2.6.2. Still the problem remains.

    Basically the graphics disappeared. The sidebar is below the posts. All the themes look the same except for some reason the font changes when I choose the Atahualpa theme. Otherwise the themes are all blank with the sidebar below the posts.

    Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Did you delete wp-content?

    No, I didn’t do anything except click GoDaddy’s option to “upgrade.” There was an automatic process of backing up and then installing the upgrade. GoDaddy didn’t have any instructions for me which I’m now wishing they had.

    Is deleting wp-content something I can do now, post-upgrade?

    No, don’t do it – that would remove all the themes, plugins and anything you have uploaded (like images etc.)

    That’s why nobody should use those idiotic one-click upgrades. Upgrading manually is not that complicated: just deleting and uploading files.

    Anyway, with a FTP client check that your themes are there where they are supposed to be: wp-content/themes folder. I suspect they were deleted during that upgrade of yours.

    I wish it was that simple. The themes are listed. And I tried uploading updated themes, deleting the old theme files, uploading totally new themes.

    I thought I was being “smart” by using the GoDaddy upgrade since I had used GoDaddy for the initial installation. In case there was something special about the GoDaddy installation. Usually I would be all about doing it myself. I prefer to understand what’s going on. Now I just feel clueless. Sigh.

    Is there a way for me to export all my posts, etc. Do a totally fresh WordPress install and then import? I’ve been wondering if that’s the way to go.


    Don’t rush into useless work (that’s the advice of a lazy man).

    And according to this:
    the default theme – which set now as your active theme – is not there… At least, the stylesheet is not.

    Hmmm… that’s weird. I can see that the file is there when I connect to the site with Filezilla. I wonder what the problem is?

    I’m happy to skip extra work. I have lots of reading and a paper to write 🙂

    I tried, once again, to upload a new theme. The new theme is recognized and listed by WordPress, so something must be working. Right? I also ventured into the “Theme Editor” for the first time. There I am able to access the Default theme’s Stylesheet (style.css) so WordPress is obviously finding the file, right?

    Still a clueless newbie, but willing to learn. Thanks!

    I am a little bit worried what did you do when trying to restore 2.5 – that’s quite a sure method for most people to screw up a blog.

    So, if WP is recognizing the new theme, can you switch to that?

    Thanks for hanging in with me 🙂 Everything I did was through the GoDaddy options.

    1. I chose their option to upgrade to 2.6
    2. When my themes wouldn’t work, I chose their option to rollback/restore to 2.5.1.
    3. When restore didn’t have an effect and the theme problem continued, I chose upgrade to 2.6 again. The 2nd time I chose upgrade, I had deactivated my plugins which I had read about in my search for solutions. Nothing made a difference.
    4. Because it had since become available and in case it might make a difference, I chose GoDaddy’s option to upgrade to 2.6.2 (again with the plugins deactivated). However, I continue to have the same “non-functioning” themes problem.

    I just switched to the Theme I uploaded today “Forestry.” You can see that it shows Forestry as the theme at the bottom of the page, but the layout of the blog is unchanged.

    Now you might starting to understand why I hate all those “automatic” gizmos… like one-click-upgrade 🙂

    Does that thing create any kind of database backup? (not rollback button but real backup copy of the database before starting the upgrade)

    Yes, I’m swearing off all automatic gizmos from now on!

    GoDaddy said that it was making a backup, but I don’t have access to it. However, I believe that I have a backup that I made before upgrading. I installed a backup plugin and downloaded the backup file. My memory is a little fuzzy on the timing of my upgrades but I have a backup file dated August 30 which should include all my posts except for the last one in which I’m lamenting my situation. I haven’t figured out how I would restore the backup though.

    Interestingly, the backups done after the upgrades are twice as large. Maybe that’s because I was uploading multiple themes trying to get one to work.

    Look, I know it’s not late on he West Coast but in the central time zone is getting late… If you want, zip that backup file and send it over together with your ftp and site admin access info. I can take a look at it tomorrow morning.
    my nick here at transycan net

    No problem! I didn’t even have any real-time assistance expectations 🙂 I’ve been DELIGHTED to get such timely response! Thanks!!

    I think I’m in the same boat. I’ve tried three times to install WordPress into a new GoDadday account and move my existing blog into it, and three times I get “Redirect Loop” in Firefox. My first attempt was to do everything via FTP. My latest attempt was using GoDaddy’s simple installation.

    This last time I did a clean install. When I switched to a new theme, one that came with the installation, my pages stopped working. I’ve done nothing more than install and switch the theme. Reverting back to the default theme doesn’t fix it.

    I’m now going to try and do a forth clean install using FTP.

    It’s simple. The latest version of WP will not work on GoDaddy.

    My fourth attempt at installing WP failed. “Redirect Loop”

    I manually uploaded the latest WP files into a new directory on my GoDaddy server. I created a new blank MySQL database. I set my config to use the new db. I did not activate any themes. I did not enter any posts or page text.

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