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  • danrober


    Hi there,

    I’ve downloaded a few new themes and then uploaded them to /wp-content/themes/ in my FTP server. But when I try to change the themes on my site they don’t show up in the Appearance section of my Dashboard.

    Any ideas?



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  • Roy


    Make sure you don’t have “nested” folders as in



    Don’t think so. For example, Fusion is in wp-content/themes/fusion



    You unzipped them before uploading, right?
    Browser cache?



    Yep, unzipped them all.

    And just cleared the cache – still no joy…



    Have you checked your file permissions? If not, check them. Do they match the themes you can see? Check the theme files and the theme folder itself.

    Also, if wp-content/themes/themefolder/style.php is missing or renamed the theme won’t show up in the Appearance pane, as I discovered when trying to generate all of my CSS dynamically via a plugin. Oops. Looks like you have to have at least a minimal style.php in there.

    You might also try uploading the same theme directory a couple of times back to back. Sometimes ftp can hang and file uploads won’t complete.

    And make sure the themes you are using are compatible with the WP version you have.



    Thanks – I’ll try that over the weekend, hopefully that’ll fix it.

    Thanks again.

    Do you mean that there are no themes to select from even though you’ve uploaded them into the wp-content/themes folder?

    Or are you talking about when you actually select a theme, then the preview box shows up, but its just a blank white box?

    l’ve the same problem! l need to learn immediately lm gonna be mad..and thanks a lot..l couldnt find this subject in another it just one or two people having this prob? anyway..
    in the file there is style.css but no style.php does it matter? l dont know where to find it..can you make it more open please?
    l downloaded the themes by searching as free wordpress themes so l dont think there is any problem about matching what do u think

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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