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  • Hi,

    i’ve got the problem, that the theme i selected wont show the images and the css. I read the authors readme, twice!

    There is no design, i tested 3 different themes and always the same effect -> no design.
    Whats my fault?



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  • just looking at your CSS URl, i see a multiplication symbol not a letter ‘x’ :
    http://blogs.0& #215;

    (i put spaces so the forum here would not convert the symbols to: 0×06

    and if i put it into the browser it resolves as:
    http://blogs.0& #215;

    you really want:

    check in WP Admin > Options > and change the URL of your site. don’t copy the name, type it in, and see if that fixes things!

    ps- please keep in mind those ‘tags’ you put on this post aren’t really tags, so they would probably not help others find your post :/

    okee, i see the problem now, thx you… i did what you said, but it always “mean” that it should the a multiplication symbol and not the letter x… any idea?
    new manuel insert of the url wouldn’t help.

    Just tried to import you CSS into my wordpress-installation on => works!

    Maybe you should edit your theme’s index.php and look for

    <style type=”text/css” media=”screen”>
    @import url( <?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_url’); ?> );

    and replace it with

    <style type=”text/css” media=”screen”>
    @import url( );

    Might not be the cleanest solution – but it works =:-)

    Hmm i think that makes trouble… cause if found
    @import url( <?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_url’); ?> );
    in all this files:

    May i should change this line in each file… buts its a baad workaround… -.- is there nothing in a db tbl where i can “fake” that?

    your website URL is a letter x (lowercase) and it is not a multiplication symbol!

    the × is a symbol, and i don’t know how you are getting it into your admin settings. just make sure to type in the letter x!!

    you don’t have to change the header, or any of those files.

    just make sure to type it in. best of luck!

    You’re absolutely right, nearlythere – didn’t put too much thinking into it. Just wanted to point out that there is the possibility to import “external” CSS-files!

    I am wondering how he/she get’s the “×” there instead of the “x” – I can’t even find it on my keyboard!

    @fht: sorry, did i use too many exclamation marks? i got a little excited when i saw:

    okee, i see the problem now, thx you… i did what you said, but it always “mean” that it should the a multiplication symbol and not the letter x… any idea?

    and i also noticed that his/her site is still not working.

    my thinking is that just changiing the header reference to the style sheet is not going to solve the overall problem that this frikkin mutliplication symbol keeps coming up, and it break links to any uploaded files, and references stored in the database, and links to places like the RSS:

    @nearlythere: I think I don’t understand your message – does it really “belong” to me or to gEry? Or was it meant in a kind of sarcastic way?

    Ad changing the header-reference:
    I use two stylesheets on a site: one local and an external from another server so that’s why I came up with that “solution”: Just looked at the source and posted here. Completely “forgot” that the site is generated via scripts! *awkward*

    @fht i used the @ symbol, so it was clear i was responding to you (since this thread was started by someone else).

    i thought maybe my post above had seemed to frantic/excited since i used so many exclamation points, and i wanted to explain why.

    i didn’t mean to be rude (if it sounded that way). i always ‘assume good faith‘, though i sometimes forget that humour is very difficult in text especially when we’re not all native english speakers. 😉

    sorry for confusion. hopefully gEry will find some resolution.

    About x and multiply symbol see:

    ok, so back from work…
    ey nearlythere i realy just wrote the letter “x” and not the multiplication symbol! i think WP makes it to a symbol, cause befor and below are just numbers… i never became the idea making a math symbol… so its changed to the html format, right? and what if im able to insert the letter “x” into the admin panel in html format? get my drift? :/

    ok guys i just saw the message from moshu after i replied (look at the tome! 2 min different!)
    So what i did was:

    //$curl = preg_replace(‘/(d+)x(d+)/’, “$1×$2”, $curl);

    Uncommenting this line… now everything is fine 😉
    Thank you guys to invest your time, to get my thing working!

    p.s. im masculin 😉

    @nearlythere: simple misunderstanding on both sides 🙂 thanks for the link. Will give something nice to read this night. And fine layout on your site too (although its MovableType)! Selfmade?

    @gery: you finally got it – and you used the same Theme as I currently do.


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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