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  • Hi everyone,
    Over the past few weeks my site’s theme kept randomly changing from it’s K2 based theme to kuberick. The only person who has administrative access is myself and our tech guy. Our tech guy couldn’t figure out why the themes kept randomly switching so he went ahead and deleted the kuberick theme so that only the K2 theme remained. A few days later I loaded the site in my web browser and it came up blank. I logged in to word press and saw that the K2 theme had now disappeared as well. I contacted our tech guy and he couldn’t figure out why it had disappeared. – Especially since in our ftp, the theme is still there.
    He said that he was going to get right on it, but now he is MIA too!! This is quite horrible as the site has been down for almost 5 days now.
    Any advice/ help would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you!

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