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    I have a few conflicts with GeneratePress. One is with Quiz and survey master plugin and the other one is with html form…

    The problem is that when I try to insert a quiz to a page using shortcode the quiz’s submit button won’t show up. You can see that on this page:

    And also another issue is that when I try to insert a html form using Elementor page builder and his template I get a form that lookls like on this page (desired look):

    But when I try to insert the same html form using GeneratePress theme’s template I get a form that look like on this page (not desired look):

    So can you tell me please how can I fix this issues?

    Thank you very much!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Theme Author Tom


    Hi there,

    1. If you check your Console (Right click + Inspect), you’ll see this error when you choose a quiz option:

    This OptKit account has reached the limits. Please upgrade to increase. Contact for help.

    I believe that’s preventing the button from displaying.

    2. Where are you getting the HTML from? It’s possible that WordPress is stripping some of the HTML.

    You can try adding it as a shortcode instead:

    add_shortcode( 'signup', 'tu_custom_signup' );
    function tu_custom_signup() {
        Your Form HTML in here
        return ob_get_clean();

    Adding PHP:

    Then you can add this into your content editor: [signup]

    Hope this helps 🙂



    Hey Tom,


    1. If you check your Console (Right click + Inspect), you’ll see this error when you choose a quiz option

    I don’t think this issue is related to optkit error because the quiz is created by Quiz and survey master plugin and also I turned off Optkit script at all but the problem is still on.

    Also I see one other error:

    Uncaught Error: uBlock Origin: aborting content scripts for

    I don’t actually know what the error it is but I don’t think this error causes the problem either. So any ideas?

    I tried a few different sources where I got html like MailerLite and SendinBlue etc. but every html form I insert looks like that one.

    I just tried your code and I think it works. So thank you so much!

    But there’s still first problem and also can you explain please why WordPress is stripping some code and is there some other more comfortable ways to add html forms except via shortcode version that you provided?

    Theme Author Tom


    1. The button is set to display: none, so I’m assuming they use javascript to show it once an option is selected. It could be that something else on the page is causing a javascript error, which is then preventing the quiz code from executing. Once javascript breaks on the page, the rest of it doesn’t execute.

    2. I believe it’s the TinyMCE editor which strips some HTML elements if it doesn’t like them. If you stay in the “Text” editor, or even turn TinyMCE off in “Users > Your Profile”, it will help.

    Once WordPress releases Gutenberg, you’ll have an HTML block you can use.



    If you’re talking about this piece of code then I don’t think this is it because this is for mailmunch forms plugin and the quiz is by Quiz and survey master plugin as I mentioned before.
    <div class="mailmunch-forms-after-post" style="display: none !important;"></div>

    Also I don’t know if this helps but what I noticed is that the button displays on some pages and doesn’t display on another pages (when I add this quiz to other pages).
    And on the default quiz’s page that is created by the plugin the button shows up:

    I tried to disable visual editor in “Users > Your Profile” as you said and then deactivated your shortcode snippet and when I checked the test page it looked like wordpress still was stripping some html because it looked the same as if I didn’t add html form using your shortcode method.

    So any more ideas to these 2 issues?

    Theme Author Tom


    1. This is the display: none I’m talking about:

    Something is preventing it from turning to display: block. It may be worth checking with the quiz developers.

    2. It really depends on the code. If your code has script tags etc.. WordPress will strip them before they’re saved to the database.

    Using a shortcode is the best method I’ve found to avoid this, as it prevents the data from entering the database at all.



    Well, it seems like I can’t get an answer from quiz developers or support so I guess I should fix this problem by myself. Thanks for help with that. I thought some theme’s css is overriding the quiz’s code and preventing from showing the button or smth like that.
    But the thing is that on some page quiz is displaying with button and on another page quiz is displaying without button so I don’t even have an idea what that could be.

    I see… Okay then. Thank you very much for your help!

    Theme Author Tom


    1. My mistake, that display: none element is just another radio input.

    It seems the HTML for the button isn’t being output at all.

    Problem page:
    Good page:

    Definitely seems to be an issue with the quiz script itself.

    2. No problem!

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